McDonald's is handing out a gold card that gives you a lifetime of free meals

Oh, the cheeseburgers we would eat [Photo: Pexels]
Oh, the cheeseburgers we would eat [Photo: Pexels]

If you added up the cost of every McDonald’s meal you’ve ever bought – every late-night cheeseburger before you head home, every cheeky box of nuggets at the train station – what would it come to?

A fair amount, one can assume, unless you’re incredibly sensible about your meal choices.

Imagine how much money you’d have saved if every meal was free, and how many more trips to McDonald’s you’d make in future.

McDonald’s is offering this to one lucky fan, as a video has revealed that one lucky customer will receive a gold card allowing them to have free Maccy D’s meals for the rest of their life.

We’d be unstoppable [Photo: Pexels]
We’d be unstoppable [Photo: Pexels]

Technically it’s a 24-karat gold phone case, rather than a traditional card, engraved with the winner’s name – which is fancy and everything.

But more importantly, its owner gets a lifetime of free McDonald’s: Two meals up to $7 (£5.50) a week for at least 50 years.

Unfortunately, the competition is only running in the US.

But if you just so happen to live there – or, more likely, are now planning to move there in order to get your hands on this gold card – the competition is running from August 10 to August 24.

All you have to do is make an order on the McDonald’s app during that time to enter.

Any excuse for a McMuffin.

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