McDonald's New Grandma McFlurry Sounds Like Every Other Flavor

McDonald's Grandma McFlurry
McDonald's Grandma McFlurry - McDonald's

Updated on 5/17/24 to clarify that the Grandma McFlurry contains traces of nuts.

Just in time for summer weather, McDonald's announced that it's launching a new, limited-edition frozen treat — but the vibe is less "hot girl summer" than it is "cool off, Grandma." The Grandma McFlurry, which rolls out on May 21, is the burger giant's "sweet ode to grandmas, everywhere," according to a May 16 press release. But just like Granny's stories about her 20s, the product's description is a bit vague.

In an email sent to Mashed, McDonald's described the Grandma McFlurry as "just as sweet as grandma," combining "smooth syrup and crunchy candy pieces — just like the treats she hid in her purse — all blended in our creamy vanilla soft serve." If you've been following along with McDonald's McFlurry journey since the dessert's '90s inception, you know that formula describes pretty much every McFlurry that's ever existed.

While the fast food chain has yet to share any additional information about the mysterious flavor -- aside from the fact that it contains traces of nuts -- some internet sleuths believe they've cracked the code. "Grandma McFlur[r]y is a McFlur[r]y but it has a Werther's Original on it that came from the bottom of a purse," one commenter joked in a Reddit thread on the subject. "[It's] butterscotch flavored with crumbles," another speculated in more serious fashion. While it's hard to say how the new addition will fare against McDonald's other dessert options (which we've ranked worst to best, by the way), some folks seem certain it'll be a hit. "I'm breaking 18 traffic laws to get me one," one Redditor claimed.

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A Grandma McFlurry Ice Cream Truck Is Coming To NYC

Grandma McFlurries with fries
Grandma McFlurries with fries - McDonald's

A grandma-inspired ice cream may sound a little niche, but as McDonald's chief marketing and customer experience officer Tariq Hassan explained, grannies are the ultimate trendsetters. "Grandmas have always held a special place in our hearts, and today they're having a major moment influencing culture — inspiring trends in fashion, decor and now, even food with our newest McFlurry," Hassan said in the press release. According to information shared with Mashed, the flavor was even developed by a real-life grandma on McDonald's culinary team — you know, for authenticity purposes.

While most folks will have to wait until May 21 to learn what this McFlurry tastes like, an ice cream truck called "Grandma's McFlurry Mobile" will be doling out free samples of the limited-edition flavor in New York City on May 17 and 18, making special stops at assisted living communities and retirement homes. Additionally, McDonald's announced that it will also make a contribution to Little Brothers — Friends of the Elderly, a non-profit volunteer organization that combats loneliness in older adults by fostering human connection.

For those hoping the Grandma McFlurry sticks around and doesn't immediately join the ranks of retired (wink wink) McFlurry flavors, don't wait! The new item has become the talk of the town before anyone even knows what's in it, and it'll only be available in stores while supplies last.

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