McDonald's Is Giving Away Free Nuggets This Week

There's no purchase necessary.



We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz that McDonald’s is adding a $5 value meal to its menu for a limited time in June. Until then, McD’s has been offering specials to help bring down the cost of a meal, especially since even the famed Dollar Menu has nothing for $1 anymore.

Last week, the restaurant gave away free large fries, but only with the purchase of $15 of food through Grubhub. If someone was already planning to order McDonald’s for Grubhub delivery, the free fries were probably a nice bonus. This week, for one day only, McDonald’s is giving away free McNuggets, no purchase necessary. There is one small catch, but it won’t cost you any money.

How To Get Free McDonald’s McNuggets

On Wednesday, May 22, McDonald’s is giving away a free 6-piece Chicken McNuggets (plus one packet of dipping sauce—we suggest the Spicy Buffalo!) to customers who order on the McDonald’s app. That’s the only catch. You have to order through the app, but no other purchase is necessary.

McDonald’s tells us that it’s just the first of many deals that the Golden Arches has in store for fans this summer, special offers on top of what it says is “McDonald’s everyday affordable prices." According to the brand, 90 percent of its franchisees already offer meal bundles for $4 or less.

If you love free chicken nuggets, you may want to think about double dipping this Wednesday. Get your free McDonald’s nuggets, then find a nearby Wendy’s. It’s giving away a free 6-piece chicken nugget every Wednesday with any purchase through Wendy’s app.

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