McDonald’s Reveals Which Items Will Not Be On The Breakfast Menu When It Returns

Anna Lewis

From Delish

All our dreams came true when McDonald’s revealed that it was re-opening for takeaways, delivery and drive-thru orders. But there was one thing still bumming us out. Actually, two things: the length of the queue at the drive-thru and the lack of breakfast items on the menu.

We totally get it – McDonald’s is currently only offering a limited menu in order to ensure its staff isn’t overwhelmed and can practice soil distancing effectively. But boy do we miss Egg McMuffins. These homemade ones are pretty damn tasty, but it's just not quite the same.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Earlier this month, McDonald’s revealed plans to get breakfast items back on the menu sooner rather than later; on 24 June in fact! But only in some restaurants, so don't get your hopes up fully just yet.

And now we've been informed which items will and will NOT be on the limited menu when it returns this week.

In an email to customers, chief executive officer for McDonald's UK and Ireland, Paul Pomroy, said: "As with our main menu, we will have a limited menu at breakfast but we’ve kept the classics – hash browns, McMuffins and pancakes all return.

"Unfortunately, whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines, we are unable to serve porridge, bagels and our Breakfast Wrap.

Sad news about the wrap and bagels. But surely no one's going to miss the porridge too much, right?

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