Mayo Is The Secret Weapon For Beyond Creamy Guacamole

Creamy guacamole in a wooden bowl with tortilla chips
Creamy guacamole in a wooden bowl with tortilla chips - Foodio/Shutterstock

To improve a bowl of homemade guacamole, your go-to ingredient might be jalapeños for a kick of heat, freshly chopped cilantro, or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for a touch of acidity. But if you want to make your guacamole creamier, mayonnaise is the secret ingredient that can make it happen. The unlikely pairing of the tangy condiment with avocados will help enhance the texture in the same way mayo does with other unconventional recipes like chocolate cake and mashed potatoes.

Mayonnaise gets its creamy consistency from an emulsion of oil, water, and eggs, and that creaminess permeates your guacamole when you fold it into the dip. The condiment has a bright and sour flavor profile, but you don't have to worry about the guacamole tasting like a spoonful of mayo because the avocados and other ingredients will still stand out. This creamy version of guacamole makes it the perfect consistency to dip chips in.

It's also more spreadable, which makes it easier to use on burgers, tacos, and sandwiches. For this ingredient hack, use your favorite store-bought mayo or make a homemade version with our classic mayonnaise recipe. For an even more delectable dip, use flavored mayo like chipotle or sriracha mayonnaise for some heat or a lime-infused variety to lean into the acidity.

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Using Mayo To Make Luxuriously Creamy Guacamole

Close-up of hands making guacamole
Close-up of hands making guacamole - Rez-art/Getty Images

Whether you're using homemade mayonnaise or a bottle from a brand like Duke's, a little goes a long way in guacamole. Every recipe varies and we'll let you surf the web to find your preferred version, but some recipes use 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise for every three large Hass avocados. To make it even creamier, you can use up to a ¼ cup of mayo for every three avocados, but we think that's close to the limit. You don't want to use much more of the ingredient or you might end up with avocado-infused mayo instead of creamy guacamole.

Mash the avocados and then incorporate the mayonnaise before the other ingredients like onion and tomato to achieve ultimate creaminess. To make the guacamole smoother, blend the avocados in a blender or food processor on a low to medium speed rather than mashing them by hand. If you like the idea of creamy guacamole but aren't a fan of mayo, Greek yogurt and sour cream have a similar effect. And while you're at it, elevate your guacamole even more by adding other ingredients like pomegranate seeds, lump crab meat, roasted corn kernels, or a serrano pepper to contrast with the creamy texture.

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