The Mayo Mistake You're Making On Your Sandwich, According To Roy Choi

Roy Choi at publicity event
Roy Choi at publicity event - Earl Gibson Iii/Getty Images

Mayonnaise is a beloved condiment when it comes to sandwich construction, but precision is essential for a tasty end result. Among the many mayo blunders you should avoid at all costs, there's one that can decrease the flavor appeal of your sandwich. To help you avoid this unwanted fate, chef and food truck pioneer Roy Choi has a simple yet effective condiment tip for building a better sandwich.

When slathering mayonnaise onto your bread of choice, don't simply add the condiment to the middle of the slice. Instead, Choi recommends evenly spreading mayo from one corner of the slice to the other. Instead of being clustered in the middle, this method ensures that the mayonnaise covers every square inch of the bread for an all-over flavor enhancement. If you have concerns that Choi's sandwich tip will lead to soggy bread, you can avoid this common issue by popping your sandwich bread in the toaster to give it some extra crunch.

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More Mayonnaise Tips For The Perfect Sandwich

woman eating sandwich
woman eating sandwich - Jacoblund/Getty Images

Roy Choi is adamant about a liberal, even layer of mayo on sandwiches, but should you apply the condiment to both bread slices? Some would argue that yes, you absolutely should. Adding mayonnaise to the top and bottom slices actually offers two benefits. Much like Choi's tip, using mayo on the top and bottom bread slice means that every section of your sandwich will be tinged with rich flavor (speaking of flavor, here are the five best mayo brands to buy, and five to avoid). The fatty mayo also repels water, which means the moisture from tomatoes and other ingredients won't cause the bread to get soft and flabby.

If you want to boost the flavor of the condiment, consider using storebought mayonnaise to create a classic garlic aioli recipe. By mixing mayo with lemon juice, minced garlic, salt, and pepper, you can enjoy a sophisticated condiment that pairs beautifully with a variety of sandwiches. Incorporating some mustard into your mayonnaise makes for a tangier, multi-faceted flavor profile than is possible with mayo alone. If you want a bit of heat, simply add some sriracha or another type of hot sauce. When combined with Choi's wise advice, these tips ensure that your next sandwich is one for the record books.

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