Maya Jama stuns in plunging gowns for Love Island debut

The 28-year-old TV presenter certainly turned some heads in the first episode of the winter reality dating show.

Video transcript

- (RAPPING) But I told you before. I mean business. You know what I came for. So give me what I want. You know that I mean business. You know what's up by the way I strut.

- Hello, hello.

MAYA JAMA: Hello boys. You all right?

- Yeah. I'm all right. Yeah.

MAYA JAMA: Should we have a little chat?

- Yeah.

- Let's have a little chat.

- You look unreal.

MAYA JAMA: Thank you. You all look good as well.

- Maya Jama.

- (SINGING) Fire burning. I rise with the flames. I am the fire burning.

MAYA JAMA: Hi, everyone.