Maya Jama asked fans for hairstyle advice – and the results were *eye-roll*

maya jama love island hair
Why Maya’s fans’ hairstyle advice is *eye-roll* David M. Benett - Getty Images

Maya Jama is just days away from taking the reins as the new host of Love Island on this year's upcoming winter season. And to prep, the TV presenter reached out to her followers on Instagram to see what hairstyle people thought she should have for the first episode.

But as the answers came flooding in, Maya quickly spotted a pattern in the difference between men and women's preference. And I won't lie, the results made me do the biggest eye roll – not that it was unexpected, as a fellow curly girl.

Adding a question sticker to her Instagram Story the presenter asked; "What hair do we think I should have the first episode of Love Island? Do we do like a long curly? Do we do a straight [look]? Do we do a loose blow, krimpy? Suggestions welcome, 'cause I don't really know. It's gunna be hot."

She shared one fan's response which read, "Long curly! Classic Maya". However, on the Instagram Story, Maya added her own thoughts, writing; "That is what I was leaning towards. It's funny cause most of the boys are saying straight or ponytail and the girls are saying curly or wavy."

I was not surprised at all. Story of my life.

maya jama love island hair
Instagram/Maya Jama(@mayajama)

I'm fully prepared for some to balk at this point being made, and I myself won't be losing sleep over it, but I am going to make the point none the less. Not before making it very clear that this is my take on what she noticed, not Maya's.

Obviously with exceptions (particularly for loose curls like Maya's), in my experience, men and boys are yonks behind in the embrace of naturally curly hair. If a large proportion of a particular group express a preference, like in this particular example, then it's not "just personal preference".

Over the last decade or so, the UK natural hair movement made real advances in wider attitudes toward afro hair textures, and challenged silky straight Eurocentric beauty standards. Along the way, it has helped people of all races learn to love and care for their curls, waves or whatever texture they may have. The gals have been liberated from the 00s need to straighten out any hint of texture that didn't come from a tong. So why are men still so helpless to swishy straight hair?

While Maya's loose curls seem pretty universally admired, straight textures still dominate the societal image of 'sexy'. So maybe what we're seeing in the clearly divided answers she got, is that girl fans want 'Classic Maya', while boys focus more on 'sexy'. But, if even for Maya Jama, straightening her natural curls away makes her 'sexier' to men, then... well, case in point.

Here's to the men out there who already appreciate other hair textures as sexy AF, and may the rest catch up posthaste. Amen.

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