Maya Hawke fans are all agreeing on the same thing about the new Do Revenge film trailer

Maya Hawke is the ultimate cool girl. From starring as the no-nonsense Robin Buckley in Stranger Things (and being one-half of the beloved Robin-Steve duo), to launching her solo music career, it seems there's literally *nothing* the 24-year-old can't do.

And we're right, too. Because the trailer for her new Netflix film, Do Revenge has just dropped, and it is a vibe. Starring as exchange student Eleanor who is being haunted by a rumour, she teams up with popular girl Drea, (Camila Mendes), and the pair set out to take revenge on the people who wronged them. But even though we've only seen a tiny two-and-a-half minutes of what looks to be a super aesthetically-pleasing film, fans are already going head-over-heels for the Stranger Things actor, and they're all saying the same thing about her appearance. That she looks unreal - and tbh, we completely agree.

Taking to Twitter, one user shared stills of the trailer, all featuring Hawke in different outfits throughout the film. Writing (in capitals, may we add), "Maya Hawke is a hot mess in this movie and I am here for it," before sharing another tweet that read (obvs, again, in caps): "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND I FUCKING COLLAPSED MAYA HAWKE OHMYGOD."

Others were quick to join the conversation and confirm just how iconic the actor looks, with one fan typing: "Maya Hawke, my goddess," as another said: "Maya Hawke is gonna eat this role up!"

And with one superfan sharing this: "Maya Hawke in Do Revenge. The sun is shining brighter, the world is spinning faster, the plants are getting greener, the world collectively stood up onto their feet and all cheered very loudly," we can only sit back in admiration and watch Miss Hawke take over the world.

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