What does May have in store for your star sign?

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What May has in store for your star signHearst Owned

Want to know what's in store for your star sign for May 2023? It's all in the tarot cards...

Tarot cards have been around for hundreds of years, they’ve been witness to our good, bad and ugly times, and they can provide wisdom and hope when we are struggling to find any of either. This special card draw will provide the priority for your star sign to focus on right now. Stay home and stay strong, bb.


aries star sign horoscope
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(Ten of Cups, The Hanged Man, The Hermit)

Your love life is under the microscope and I am pleased to share the Ten of Cups which hints all will be well, a happy-ever-after scenario beckons you. It’s going to be worth making the effort and talking the issues. What are they? Well, The Hanged Man reveals you’ve hit a blockage. Things were going great… and then not. It has all snarled up and gotten tangled. You aren’t making the headway you hoped.

The Hermit asks you to seek enlightenment. You don’t really understand the issue and, until you do, you can’t therefore create the right resolution. Think, meditate, look at it from outside-in, ask for a different perspective, look through a new lens. An a-ha! moment will illuminate the path forwards and you can rejoin and reunite fully. This relationship will get back on track.


taurus star sign horoscope
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(King of Swords, Ace of Cups, Judgment)

Why shouldn’t everything in your life be tailored to you? Only you truly understand your needs, desires, and ambitions, Taurus. Only you can control what goes, stays, adapts, or changes. The King of Swords and Judgment combine forces to make you feel empowered to be MUCH more discerning about what you let into and manifest in your world.

Relationships, roles, situations, commitments, locations, obligations - they need to fit your needs, have a purpose, and be rewarding. If not, why are they there? The Ace of Cups sees you activating a new era of controlled action and planning. Everything is filtered and prioritised based on how well it serves you. And this, frankly, is a total game changer! Take control.


gemini star sign horoscope
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(The Magician, Strength, The Star)

A trio of powerful major arcana cards makes this May very special. You have come such a long way, Gemini, and you have endured so much and learned hard lessons. Strength sees you appreciating the growth curve and relishing your new strength. The Magician and The Star are beautiful blessings of manifestation. My friend, life is what you make it. Design a lifestyle you can’t wait to wake up to every day. Create goals and ambitions that inspire you and are perfectly suited to your unique personality and talents.

Be fully yourself. Be unashamedly who you really are. You can’t be anything you want BUT you can be everything you are. And this truth liberates your confidence and self belief. You are unstoppable this May – fly higher than you dare!


cancer star sign horoscope
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(The Sun, The High Priestess, Eight of Cups

It takes sunshine AND rain to make a rainbow. You can only see stars in the dark. Remember these little truisms, Cancer, because one bad day doesn’t make a bad month. The Eight of Cups urges you to face a setback or disappointment and free yourself from it. Stop hoping for the best and projecting excuses or ideals. It isn’t working. Face it. Have that one bad day, get it out of the way. Then, recalibrate.

The High Priestess asks you to take a few days to process this event, extract a life lesson, see a learning, spot a different way forward. You know what’s what, deep down. The Sun reveals the latter part of May will bring new, joyous, successful and rewarding opportunities. What you lost wasn’t meant to be and was only there to prepare you for what was to come. Better days lie ahead when you just endure one bad day! Get rid of the dead weight and look ahead to new horizons.


leo star sign horoscope
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(Page of Swords, Three of Wands, Seven of Wands)

An opportunity to pit yourself against a rival or standard and rise to the challenge spectacularly will present itself this month - don’t hesitate, but grab the chance and get stuck in! Leos love a challenge. The Seven and Three of Wands describe this opening - it could be a literal competition, application process, or it could be a personal goal or standard you wish to smash through. You can do it. You need this right now. Set the goal and set off.

The Page of Swords gives you the green light to commit here and throw yourself in headfirst. Don’t overthink it, don’t procrastinate. Spot the challenge, feel yourself get fired up, and get involved. This could be the making of you in many ways, this could open up so many new doors.


virgo sstar sign horoscope
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(Page of Cups, Four of Cups, King of Cups)

A trio of emotive and thoughtful Cups cards urge you to sit with your feelings this May and tune in. You need to understand how you feel, why you feel that way, and what action this means you should consider taking. The Four of Cups reveals you’re a bit bored, a bit ~meh~ about life. It’s all the same old, same old, right? Routine is useful but stifling when it becomes too rigid. The Page of Cups sees you seeking wonder, excitement, imaginative ideas, creative pastimes, play. Good for you. Make this May like a mini spring break. Make it fun, enlivening, interesting, new. Throw that damned schedule out of the window.

The King of Cups sees you learning how to soothe, understand, entertain, and transform yourself through this process. Taking care of yourself means acknowledging and addressing your feelings.


libra star sign horoscope
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(Page of Coins, King of Coins, Knight of Coins)

All the Coins court card males are in town this May, wow that’s a rare spread! The Page, Knight and King mean that you’ve got your head firmly focused on your material world - health, wealth, home and work. You have ambitions, goals, ideas, frustrations, and issues to tackle. You are working on tangible outcomes, self improvement, progress, and advancement. You aren’t living in your own head or fantasy land, but seeking to change the world around you. Maybe even taking a class or professional advice / coaching. Get healthy, be well. Earn more, climb the ladder at work. Improve your home, make it safe, cosy and welcoming. Audit your spending, make sacrifices, streamline and consolidate. Get everything ship shape, and you will feel secure, in control, and confident.


scorpio star sign horoscope
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(Nine of Cups, Knight of Cups, Five of Cups)

A lost relationship still pains you every now and again, maybe a regret or just sadness that this person isn’t around anymore. The Knight and Five of Cups hint this was a romance or very close friendship. You treasure your true bonds deeply and privately. This person may not even be aware of how special they were to you. Let yourself mourn what was lost, and then look ahead. What have you learnt from this relationship’s demise? What has it taught you about your own needs, desires, ideals, and deal breakers? Extract something and use it to make a wish for a better relationship in the future. The Nine of Cups brings you blessings and opportunities if you consciously visualise what / or who you need in your life. Manifest a new bond. Especially with a fellow Water sign - Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.


sagittarius star sign horoscope
Cosmopolitan UK - Hearst Owned

(The Lovers, Seven of Swords, Justice)

Do the right thing, Sagittarius! Don’t fall prey to temptation or the path of least resistance, especially if you can see it’s shady and murky down there. Stick to the straight and narrow path, follow the high road! The Lovers shows you’re feeling torn and tempted. What once held your attention no longer does, at least not to the same level.

The Seven of Swords sees you considering a risky move, something a bit underhand even, maybe not an action your best self would approve of. All fair and well, Sag, because you’re free to do whatever BUT you will also pay the price for it. Can you? Every action has a reaction, invokes consequences. Don’t do something you can’t see through. Justice asks you to act like karma is watching (she is) and hold true to your moral compass. A little restraint now will save a lot of pain and heartache down the line. Do a Future You a big favour and play nice.


everything to know about a capricorn and their traits
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(Queen of Swords, Knight of Swords, Ace of Swords)

A home truth or revelation unlocks a whole slew of further revelations, insights, understanding and truths. You will know exactly where you stand by the end of this May. Some of it might be a little bruising, but you can handle it. It’s better to know, right? Right.
The Knight of Swords sees you fighting back, pushing your position, making sure you’re heard, and getting traction as a result. Don’t back down, Cap. Don’t compromise. Stand up for yourself.

The Queen of Swords is walking with you all month long, lending you her dispassionate and objective gaze to see things clearly through. This is a time to let your head, vs heart, rule. This is a time to rely on your own ideas and opinions, to do what suits you best, to serve your own agenda and not to expect anyone else to do that for you. We are all solo players. Be strong.


aquarius star sign horoscope
Cosmopolitan UK - Hearst Owned

(Two of Cups, Five of Coins, Eight of Swords)

You might need to adjust something about your attitude or behaviour if you don’t want to mess up an important relationship in your life right now. You are in danger of slipping into old (possibly unconscious) bad habits that have been an issue before. The Five of Coins and Eight of Swords combine to propel you down a path of least resistance, projecting something onto someone unfairly, or maybe being unavailable to someone who deserves your attention. You can slip the net a bit when it comes to being relied upon. You like space. You can be aloof. It annoys others.

The Two of Cups urges you to refocus on this person and stick around, lean in, be present, show up, care, ask, listen, love. You two are great together and this romance / friendship has legs. Don’t cut it off for no good reason.


pisces characteristics and personality traits to know about
Cosmopolitan UK

(Knight of Wands, Seven of Cups, Ace of Wands)

Dream a dream and manifest it in your real life, and I mean an out-there, imaginative, whimsical and fantasy style lifestyle desire. Be a different character, adopt the fashion and habits of a bygone time, bring a new culture into your home and experiment, redecorate a room in a creative manner that activates a childhood daydream. The dreamy Seven of Cups is activated by the go-getting Knight of Wands. It’s a manifesting call-to-action, but one that focuses on living a dream, making real the imaginary, drawing a beautiful vision into your everyday.

The Ace of Wands shows this is the week, the month, the season to do it. And it’s something totally new, albeit maybe with a link to your past. It's related to lifestyle, education, travel, or creativity. Make your life magical. This is how you, Pisces, live your best life.

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