What does May have in store for your star sign?

What May has in store for your star signHearst Owned

Want to know what's in store for your star sign for May 2024? It's all in the tarot cards...

Despite flighty Gemini season starting on the 20th May (aka, party time people), this month has an aura of seeking stability and certainty, coming to terms with shifts and laying down stronger foundations. May begins with a Pluto retrograde (lasting until September).

Pluto is a big outer planet and rules rebirth, massive societal shifts, and regeneration. The world feels crazy, right? Well, it takes a toll on lots of levels. This retrograde will bring things home to you personally and make you want to make changes to cope with ‘modern life’ in this world. A New Moon in Taurus on the 8th May places that focus on money and wealth. What do you to survive and how do you get it? New plans afoot!

Gemini season also prompts Venus moving into Gemini (23rd) and Jupiter (25th) which adds light, bright, zany vibes to some of this heavier energy. You can get smart about money, reconcile your feelings about this world AND still play, party, have fun, and socialise. We are multi-faceted animals! Live well.


aries star sign horoscope
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(King of Coins, The Chariot, Justice)

It feels good when you put your purpose and passion at the heart of what you do, right? It’s the best guide you could ask for because it’s ‘there’ all of the time, within, and no one can really knock it or change it.

The Chariot and Justice join their powerful forces to help you feel robust and sure, resilient and ready. You could blast through mountains this month, such is your vigour and determination to make things happen. The King of Coins sees you heading towards wealth, health, and security. You are laying firm foundations in your life for the future. You are creating long-term, fulfilling and lucrative plans which will work together to create a bedrock of security and wealth for years to come. Invest in you. Invest in your future. Look ahead and build.


taurus star sign horoscope
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(Six of Coins, Temperance, The High Priestess)

A beautiful serenity descends over you this May, Taurus, and you feel really content, secure, and at peace with yourself and your life. This is such a gift. Remember what triggered it, how you felt within it, and what you did to nurture it… because this could be the ‘new normal’.

The High Priestess shows you spending more time in ‘quality solitude’ i.e. not scrolling or watching trashy television, but reflecting and journalling and planning, visualising and daydreaming. You get such amazing ideas this month, so make sure you write them all down.

Temperance is the knock-on physical impact of this mood - balance and moderation. You feel like taking good care of yourself and all those healthy habits you strive to achieve just seem to magically happen. Your mindset is right. The Six of Coins is the knock-on mental impact of this peaceful mood - charitable generosity. You want others to feel good too and do lots of nice things for those you love and like, which boosts the good vibes. Win win.


gemini star sign horoscope
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(Queen of Cups, The Empress, Five of Wands)

Show mercy to those who have upset or troubled you recently, and see the world through their eyes… it will open your mind to how different we all are (if nothing else) and it might even open the pathway to forgiveness.

The Five of Wands sees you having been stirred and shaken by something that someone has done to you. It happened because change was needed (and not forthcoming). The Queen of Cups was you protecting your heart (Geminis are very loving and loyal, and take cruelty or betrayal very badly), and rightly so. But enough time has passed now that, with the loving Empress, you can look again at the situation and perhaps extract a life lesson, or even find mercy for that person. Perhaps relationships won’t be rebuilt but they can be left in peace, with a more mutual understanding, and well wishes for the future. Not all endings have to be spiteful. Be the bigger person.


cancer star sign horoscope
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(Nine of Wands, Four of Cups, The Star)

The truth is, Cancer, that you can make your own wishes come true. You just don’t believe it. Well, I am here to tell you that you CAN, and SHOULD. And that now, this May, is the time! The Star is a cosmic wish pass, offering you a dream come true. The higher you aim, the better the outcome. So get to it, make it happen, manifest.

The Nine of Wands tells you that, yes, there might be setbacks or obstacles on this pathway but you should just do it anyway. You can overcome all of that. You deserve this dream.
The Four of Cups reveals the biggest obstacle is YOU and your lack of faith that you deserve or can do this. Push that aside, fake it till you make it, treat yourself like a person you treasure dearly. You have everything you need. Go make magic happen!


leo star sign horoscope
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(The Lovers, Four of Wands, The Sun)

Be led by your passions this month ahead, Leo, and specifically your wildest visions and daydreams about what it means to be successful. There are unseen forces swirling around you this May that can propel you further faster than you can imagine... but you need a clue of the direction you’re trying to go in!

The Lovers sees you figuring that out and using your emotions and daydreams to guide you. What truly inspires you? What do you want to be known for or achieve? The Four of Wands brings a new opportunity your way that can help this along. It might involve a change of location, territory, role, or scope. Growth is the key, confidence the grease! So, step up and apply, pitch, propose. The Sun sprinkles magical fairy dust over everything you ‘go for’ this month. Success, joy, prosperity, and new landscape lie ahead, this is going to be a golden summer, and the good fortune starts here.


virgo sstar sign horoscope
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(Three of Coins, Death, Ace of Coins)

A switch of allegiance or people in your life will bring about a new era, a breath of fresh air, a change of heart and a welcome new outlook. You are very loyal, Virgo, and this isn’t a bad shift, it’s just circumstances. But don’t try and cling to what was… embrace what is in front of you now!

Death shows you need to let the old team / alliance ‘die’ so that you can invest everything into the new order. The Three and Ace of Coins shows it’s all going to work out great. They already like and respect you, they already want to build on what you’re doing so well already. So, work with them! Collaborate, co-create, co-operate. Over time you can build new bonds and connections and feel at home again. Every relationship runs it course. This May is about letting go of an old bond and forging a replacement.


libra star sign horoscope
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(Four of Cups, Nine of Coins, Five of Wands)

Libra, you’re going through something this May. It starts as a bit of a malaise, a feeling of ‘meh’ with the slightly bored and lacklustre Four of Cups. Things are thrumming like they used to in an area of your life that you care about. Then comes the Five of Wands. Always a herald of change and transformation, but the initial stages tend to be frustration, dissatisfaction, and even resentment. You might be tempted to project blame onto others for your feelings or believe yourself a victim of some external plotting or plan. Libra, chill. Let those feelings rise and fall and simply notice what they revolve around… that is the key message here. Whatever life area it is, well, this is the thing you need to adjust, upgrade, change, transform.

The Nine of Coins asks you to take a measured, long-term view. Create a truly inspiring goal that will activate a new pathway! It starts here but it takes a while to come to fruition, but that’s okay because that’s what you needed.


scorpio star sign horoscope
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(Ten of Coins, Queen of Swords, Nine of Swords)

Entropy. Clutter. Inertia. Overwhelm. As we mature and go along our life paths, we tend to accumulate ‘stuff’ (people, commitments, possessions, passwords, tech, memories good and bad etc). The longer you live, the more ‘stuff’ you carry. It’s just part of life.

The Queen and Nine of Swords combine to make me think you are really REALLY ready to declutter and offload some of this ‘stuff’ this May - be it physical, mental, emotional, or whatever. You need air to breathe, space to move, options to peruse. You want to feel lighter and liberated. So, audit what weighs you down. Identify where you feel stuck or suppressed. And resolve to release it.

The Ten of Coins shows this is the single very best thing you can do for yourself this May. This will clear the decks so that new, relevant, resonant energy and opportunity and people can find you. Clear the space and it will be refilled with what (or who) you truly need.


sagittarius star sign horoscope
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(The Hierophant, Knight of Swords, King of Wands)

Knights, and Kings, and Hierophants (sometimes known as popes), you’re surrounded by quite the pantheon of regal and and powerful energy this May, Sagittarius. It feels like you’re going to come into your power, and by that I mean ‘feel strong and empowered,' and like you can actually manifest the object of your desires! Go get ‘em!

The Knight of Swords brings you fire and vitality, the courage to be bold and demand more. You are unstoppable this May, so put that force in the right direction. The King of Wands gifts you with purpose and ambition. You can see clearly what it is that you want to do, and it feels creative, inspiring, motivating.

The Hierophant is you being a leader in this project but also seeking mentorship, coaching, education, and learning. None of us know it all and people take us more seriously when we admit that. You’re a fantastic work in progress!


everything to know about a capricorn and their traits
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(Six of Coins, Queen of Coins, Three of Wands)

With a little bit of help and a little bit of luck, you can move mountains this May and make massive headway in pursuit of your career or wealth goals. Music to your ears, Cap!

The Queen of Coins is an omen that you will step up to the next level in some way this May - materially, so in your wealth, security, or career. Growth and advancement is coming, of your own design. The Three of Wands asks you to prime your radar to spot possible openings and opportunities, take a chance, lean in, notice the shifts and the potential. The Six of Coins asks you to call in favours, ask for help, network, collaborate, co-create. Scratch someone’s back and let them scratch yours, so to speak! We all need a little help from our friends and allies, and this May will prove your crowd are worth having around.


aquarius star sign horoscope
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(The Star, The Hanged Man, Two of Cups)

What you thought was a setback or obstacle turns out to be a necessary pause or moment to reflect and adjust and, in hindsight, you’re glad of the chance to step back and review what you were doing. The Hanged Man sees you having a huge shift in perspective and outlook about a long-running issue. You see the root cause, the influences, and also how to make it better. And you do it! The Star brings a surge of wishful, joyful, progressive energy in the wake of that change. You feel unstoppable and like it’s time to cash in all those great ideas and missed opportunities… go get what you deserve!

The Two of Cups sees your relationship landscape looking very healthy and happy too - romance is blooming, friendships are thriving, collaborations and alliances are working their magic. You are a ‘people person’ really and you can work wonders with others. Enjoy May - it’s a great time for you.


pisces characteristics and personality traits to know about
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(Temperance, Ace of Swords, Page of Wands)

You will end May in a different position and personal emotional state than you begin! Temperance shows your emotions ‘catching up’ with recent events and doing a great deal of processing. Sometimes the world changes around us so quickly that it takes a moment to catch your breath and ground yourself in the ‘new normal’. May is all about this.

The Ace of Swords sees you finally being able to express how you feel too, and feeling secure enough and clear enough to share that out loud. That clarifies everything, makes you feel unburdened of the emotional weight you’ve been carrying, and you discover others feel similarly or have relevant experiences to share. The Page of Wands is the return of your playful, up-for-anything, happy mood. Once you feel like you’re grounded, you can start to explore again and get to like your new realm. It has taken a while, and that’s okay.

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