Matt Baker's incredible tribute after heartbreaking death revealed

Matt Baker loves animals and has often been pictured with one of his pet dogs throughout the years.

It's no wonder, then that one of his memorable canine companions – and beloved Blue Peter co-star – Meg left a particular hole in his heart after she died.

But as the presenter revealed in an interview with the Radio Times a few years ago, the border collie has been immortalised in the BBC archives.

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The doting dad-of-two told the publication that he once took Meg with him when he reported a piece about the long-running radio soap opera The Archers, and the pup ended up on the show!

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What's more, as the presenter revealed, she's made regular appearances since. Speaking in 2017, Matt said: "She came with me when I was doing a piece about the show, and it turned out their bank of sound effects was lacking the bark of a working dog.

"So they recorded her, and now whenever you hear a dog bark on The Archers, that's Meg".

matt baker dogs jeep
matt baker dogs jeep

Matt loves his pets

The dog, who sadly died back in 2011, was a memorable presence on the children's TV show, giving birth to a litter of puppies as well as passing police dog training and entering sheepdog trials.

Speaking of her time on the show, Matt recalled: "It could be chaos in the studio, because when we were live on air she'd skulk away from me and run around, trying to herd all the camera operators and floor staff and guests – her instinct was to round everything up".

matt baker our farm
matt baker our farm

The star lives on a farm with his children and wife Nicola 

Meg sadly passed away from cancer and was buried on the family farm. "We had to do what was best for her", said Matt. "It was awful, but we were with her, and we hold her dear".

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Last year, the star delighted his Instagram followers when he revealed that he and his family had adopted a new rescue kitten, asking for help with choosing a name. The Countryfile co-host later shared the news that the tiny tabby had been christened Willow.

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