Matcha Powder Is Your Secret For Rice Krispies Treats With Extra Flair

Bowl of matcha powder
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Rice Krispies treats may be one of the most nostalgic snacks of all time. They're sweet, smushy, and sticky, made with arguably some of the best things in life (butter, marshmallows, and breakfast cereal). And while they're a distinctly American creation, dating back nearly a century, there is an ancient, globally inspired ingredient that can add flair and depth to your Rice Krispies treats. Chances are you didn't ever imagine adding this ingredient as a kid: Matcha powder.

Matcha, a green tea powder probably most commonly known in its drinkable form, is naturally grassy, earthy, pleasantly bitter, and a bit tannic. In conjunction with the super sugary marshmallow and cereal-based confection, it offers balance and gives a touch of sophistication to an otherwise historically child-centric treat. With just a little bit of this verdant dust, you can take your treats to an entirely new level -- and a novel color. Just make sure you're adding the right amount.

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The Trick Of Your New Treats

Whisking matcha in a bowl
Whisking matcha in a bowl - Mila Naumova/Shutterstock

Elevating your typical Rice Krispies treats with matcha powder couldn't be simpler. Just add a few tablespoons of good quality matcha powder (which will have a more vibrant color and robust flavor) as you mix up your marshmallows and melted butter. Alternatively, you can wait until the end and go for a dusting of matcha powder on top, which gives a lovely layered effect rather than a green treat all the way through.

In addition to the flavor, matcha adds a beautiful green color, which is a fun and whimsical touch. Keep in mind if you're making these for the kiddos that matcha also contains caffeine. The added zip might be a perk for grown-up treat-seekers, who may also appreciate matcha's nutrients, including antioxidants that can promote heart health, alleviate inflammation, and even improve brain function. Now those are advantages the average snack can't offer!

Less Expected Ways To Enjoy Your Matcha Krispie Treats

Rice Krispies treats on slate board
Rice Krispies treats on slate board - vm2002/Shutterstock

Whether you follow a classic Rice Krispies treat recipe as your base, or elevate it with condensed milk, adding matcha brings something new. You can get even more creative with your matcha treats, too. Make a homemade version of Rice Krispie Treats cereal -- which is essentially just bite-sized treats tossed in a bowl and drowned in milk -- using the matcha treats. Enjoy the lingering green liquid at the end (maybe even drink it from the bowl), reminiscent of a rice-milk matcha latte.

It doesn't take much to turn these simple treats into a new, impressive iteration, drawing on the matcha inspiration. Go for matcha Rice Krispies treats with smoked strawberries, which even incorporate brown butter for extra depth. Matcha pairs well with many kinds of fruit so you can experiment with dehydrated versions of everything from pears to bananas to blueberries, plus nuts like cashews, pistachios, and almonds. White chocolate doesn't hurt either, and black sesame seeds contribute a slight toasty, nuttiness and a little texture. These treats are super customizable based on whim and preference, but with matcha powder, you've got guaranteed flair.

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