Mary Katrantzou's 'Cloud' Painted Rainbow Hair Is Going To Be Your New Colour Obsession

Photo credit: Redken
Photo credit: Redken


Colour mastermind and Redken Global Colour Creative Director Josh Wood was behind the mystical-meets-grunge hair colour at Mary Katrantzou AW19. The collection was a cacophony of ombre ruffles inspired by the four elements: water, earth, wind and fire, and the hair reflected just that.

Treating us to his signature pastel hair dye trickery (Wood was also behind Marc Jacobs' candy coloured hair last season), the legendary colourist transformed models' natural hair colour with two separate and totally inspired rainbow hair dye techniques: 'Horizon' and 'Cloud'.

And yes, it looked as magical as it sounds.

Photo credit: Redken
Photo credit: Redken

‘We used our hands to blend the intense colours together, to create a ‘colour cloud’ effect on the hair’, Josh revealed backstage. 'Mary wanted me to create a pattern for the hair, more than a colour, so we took fabrics from the collection and used nine Redken City Beats hair dye shades to recreate them.'

The whimsical colour palette included dyes in shades of seafoam, morning dew, sky blue, cracked earth, sunset coral and pink. Even the colours sound delightful.

Note to self: add cloud hair to Pinterest board ASAP.

For the 'Horizon' technique, Josh was inspired by each one of the four elements opting for ink, emerald green, or purple violet shades. Switching things up, Wood used a ‘reverse dipping’ effect, going from darkest colour to lightest, to create an horizon colour technique that sat in the middle of models' hair.

Photo credit: Redken
Photo credit: Redken

The multi-coloured extensions were clipped in before being hidden behind strands of the models' natural hair. ‘We wanted to make it look like colour was breaking through the models' own hair, with the vivid tones peeking out for a surprise burst of colour’.

Upping the grunge factor was MAC make-up artist Lynsey Alexander who created a look with ‘left over, broken down make-up and sweaty skin’. Mascara was chunky and smudged down models' cheeks. So just like our faces after a night out then...

Alexander applied MAC’s Strobe Cream in Goldlite, £25, all over the face as a base to add a sweaty sheen to skin and then piled on layers of MAC’s In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara, £20, smudging it out slightly on the outer corners and lower lash lines.

‘I wanted it to look effortless and out of control, like your make-up’s been left over from the night before without any touch ups’, Lynsey told us backstage.

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