Mary & George gets dramatic official trailer and release date

Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine in Mary & George
Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine in Mary & George

The upcoming series, Mary & George, has just got a brand new trailer and we now also have the release date.

All seven episodes of the limited series starring Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine will be available at the same time.

The trailer sees Mary Villiers (Moore) and her second son George (Galitzine) rise from humble beginnings to the top of the social hierarchy thanks to Villiers’s formidable ambition.

Early shots of Mary and George, both clad in simple garb, play as Mary explains she doesn’t own her own home. “We have nothing,” she can be heard saying and is told if this is publicly known her “position in society would become untenable.”

Mary then tells George that “change does not come unless you grab it by the hand.” We then meet King James VI of Scotland and I of England (Tony Curran), the man whom Mary and George have in their sights as their ticket to the top. After seeing the king engage in all-male orgies we see him meet George whom he instantly takes a liking to.

“He will be yours, mine, ours,” Mary can be heard saying. George is next heard reveling in his power as Duke of Buckingham. “What could possibly stop us now?” adds a hubristic Mary. Of course, there are obstacles to overcome.

Mary & George
Julianne Moore (Image: Sky)
Mary & George
Nicholas Galitzine (Image: Sky)
Mary & George
Tony Curran (second from left) (Image: Sky)

As the trailer builds to a climax plenty is teased. This includes Mary’s own same-sex dalliances, dancing, action, drama, and more sex. “I was raised by a monster,” George says. “Only children believe in monsters,” then replies Mary cooly.

A synopsis for the show reads: “Always the smartest person in the room, Mary was never able to realise her full potential until she spots an opportunity to take advantage of the King’s voracious appetite for fine wine, fine company, and fine men.

“George, naïvely beautiful and charismatic, is thrust into the spotlight as his mother masterminds their pursuit of the King. Through audacious scheming and seduction, Mary and George claw their way to the centre of Court to become the most powerful family in England.

“But as George grows in power, his relationship with his mother will be pushed to the very limits. George must prove to himself that he can be defined by more than just his beauty. He must make his mark on history, no matter the consequences.”

Mary & George also stars Nicola Walker, Niamh Algar, Trine Dyrholm, Sean Gilder, Adrian Rawlins, and more. The series is written by D.C. Moore and is also inspired by Benjamin Woolley’s non-fiction book The King’s Assassin

Mary & George is coming to Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW on 5 March 5. 

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