Martin Lewis shares tips on how to beat 7.5% water bill increase coming in April

Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis has shared his advice on how households can deal with the 7.5% water bill increase due to hit in April.

One viewer wrote into The Martin Lewis Money Show to reveal they had saved £400 in a year after installing a water meter.

Speaking on the ITV show on Tuesday, the Mr Lewis urged everyone to check if they’re entitled to a money-saving meter, which could see them avoid the increase.

He added that homeowners are already saving a lot by signing up to a two-year free trial.

Water bills are set to increase by an average of 7.5% in England and Wales and 5% in Scotland from 1 April.

Mr Lewis said most water providers in England and Wales do offer free water meters as he encouraged people to make the most of them.

He used an example of two people living in a three-bedroom home and said: “So water bills are based on the ratable value, which is a proxy for the house value, so be a big bill, but we use less, you know I don’t use much water and I don’t have much coming out of the other end. So we would likely save on a water meter.”

The viewer who shared how she had saved £400 a year on the free trial said: “Took your advice on water bills. Last year we paid £717.00 so we opted for the two-year trial to have a meter.

“Chuffed to bits with our first bill of £121, with an average saving of £400. We have since shared this with our family and friends and three have changed to water meter as well.”

And for those concerned that a water meter may not work for them, you even have two years to change it back.

Mr Lewis is encouraging homeowners to see if they can get a money-saving water meter (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)
Mr Lewis is encouraging homeowners to see if they can get a money-saving water meter (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Your water company may say it can’t fit a water meter because it’s not practical where you live.

If this happens, Mr Lewis suggests using the consumer council’s water calculator and then asking for an assessed charge.

“[This] will tell you roughly what you would pay on a water meter if you did have one and if that is cheaper you could just pay the lower amount,” the financial guru said.

He added that anyone who is on benefits or who has a disability or medical condition which means they need to have more showers or baths, such as Crohn’s disease, should talk to their water firm and see if they can be put onto a cheaper tarrif.

Mr Lewis also pointed to “over one million free water-saving gadgets”.

He said: “It’s postcode dependent some people get them some people don’t.

“, which you can get totally for free from your water firm, cuts water and it cuts your energy use too, because remember much of the water that we use is heated.”

Mr Lewis gave one warning which is that some water companies don’t allow you to switch back after swapping to a water meter.

So even though it’s possible to do this on the free trial, it’s important to check what your water company’s stipulations are first.