Martha Stewart Teaches Jamie Oliver a Kitchen Hack During His Own Recipe Demo — Watch

Martha Stewart Teaches Jamie Oliver a Kitchen Hack During His Own Recipe Demo — Watch

The two celebrity chefs make lemon cheesecake in a clip from the upcoming season of Martha Cooks shared exclusively with PEOPLE

The Roku Channel
The Roku Channel

Even an expert can learn a few new tricks — especially from a culinary legend!

In the clip above shared exclusively with PEOPLE, Martha Stewart amazes Jamie Oliver with a simple kitchen hack. The two celebrity chefs prepare a baked lemon cheesecake from Oliver's latest cookbook, One, in an upcoming episode of Martha Cooks season 2.

The sneak peek features the English chef adding cream cheese and lemon to a food processor as he talks to the lifestyle expert about how easy the recipe is to make.

"You are a master at simplification," Stewart says to Oliver as he blends the custardy mixture.

Oliver explains that the next step is to pour the mixture on top of a biscuit base that had been baked in a skillet. As he holds the removable blades with one hand and begins to spill the creamy mixture into the skillet, Stewart poses a question to the fellow cookbook author.

"You don't know the trick with your finger?" she asks, to which he responds, "What, around the edge?"

"No," Stewart clarifies and demonstrates how to hold the processor from the bottom to keep the removable blade in place, rather than the more clunky technique Oliver had been doing before.

"I can't believe I didn't know that!" he says with a laugh before trying out her tip. "Thank you, Martha."

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The Roku Channel
The Roku Channel

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She grins and raises a thumbs up to the camera.

"See? Still learning!" he says. "I'm always happy to learn from you."

In the episode, Oliver and Stewart prepare other simple recipes, including homemade pizza, lamb and chickpea koftas and salmon cooked in a bag.

In the Roku Channel show — which only aired the first season in the fall of 2022 — the Martha Stewart Living founder invites friends and family into her farmhouse in Bedford, New York, to prepare her favorite recipes.

Martha Cooks season 2 premieres April 3 on the Roku Channel.

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