Married at First Sight star opens up on 'heart-breaking' split - 'I feel like a mug'

Jordan Gayle has emotionally opened up about his split from fellow Married At First Sight UK star Erica Roberts. The pair had tied the knot on the show but split earlier this year after months of toxic rows.

Back in February Jordan confirmed rumours of a split, posting on Instagram: "Yes sadly we are not together anymore but not because of the reunion.

"It's very sad the way this has come out and I'm not sure where it's come from. But there is a lot of noise coming from people who know nothing about what has happened... the reunion was filmed around 5 months ago and we have had great and special memories since then, some of them you've seen on our social media.

Jordan Gayle
Jordan Gayle has opened up about his split from Erica Roberts -Credit:Instagram/_nbcoaching

"There doesn't always have to be a villain in a break up and I just ask for everyone not to look for one. This is all will say for now, I will speak again when the time is right but for now... I will be around those people who really know me."

Now in an appearance on The Superhero Finder podcast, Jordan has opened up about the split, labelling himself a "mug" for falling as hard as he did. He said: "I feel like a mug for falling as hard as I did.

"It’s weird because I’ve not got emotional about it for a long time because I think I've been holding it back a bit." He the shared that he hadn't gone on the show for fame and by the end of it genuinely believed that he was in love.

Jordan Gayle and Erica Roberts
Jordan and Erica announced their split earlier this year -Credit:Instagram/Jordan Gayle

The TV star continued: "I've never told this to anyone, without digging too many people out.. the camera people were like ‘Do you want us to take the cameras away, you don’t have to film. That’s why I’ve been so heartbroken, because I thought I was going to be with this person forever."

During his time on the show Jordan had become embroiled in a feud with his co-star Luke Worley, which ended with Luke being axed from the show after a physical altercation between the pair.

After the show came to an end, the pair continued their feud offscreen and reportedly came to blows at a PrettyLittleThing event where many MAFS stars were in attendance. Jordan, who was at the event with Erica claimed Luke poked him in the eye and told The Sun: "He's a dirty fighter - all it takes is for him to get the retina and he could have blinded me."

Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle
Jordan labelled himself a "mug" as he discussed his split from Erica -Credit:Channel 4

Meanwhile Luke shared this own version of events on his Instagram account. In a video filmed on his way home from the event, Luke told his followers: "Everyone watching this video, search up now traits of a psychopath. Jordan is a psychopath. Jordan is not mentally stable to be having a fight.

"He's like a psychopath, I'm telling you now, and for Jordan to even be entertaining any boxing, any fighting, any sort of aggression, goes against what he 'believes in'. Trust me. At an exclusive event and you chuck at me and then trying to slap me around the face?"

The pair had been scheduled to take part in a boxing match, but this was later cancelled by sports promoter DKM Plush Boxing due to Luke's lack of training ahead of the event.