Married At First Sight Australia's Jessika says Dan split was 'hardest time of my life'

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Photo credit: Nine productions/E4
Photo credit: Nine productions/E4

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Jessika Powers had quite the journey on Married At First Sight Australia, after calling off her marriage to Mick Gould to try and make a relationship with Dan Webb work. But it wasn't to be - despite a promising start for the pair, their romance quickly fizzled out following the revelation about Jess making a move on Nic Jovanovic.

The drama came to light during the season six reunion, something with Jess has since said was the worst time of her life due to the abuse she received. "I was already copping hate from the Australian public,” she told Metro of the experiment up to that point.

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"I was copping hate from his family, his friends. And then I also had to deal with a breakup, the hurt of a breakup. Then when we broke up, I was also getting double hate [from people] saying, 'Sucked in you b***h, you f**king deserve it.'

"Then the second that we broke up, all these girls came out of the woodwork with, 'Dan did this when you were together, Dan did that'," Jess continued.

The reality star went on to explain that the break up and fall out from the experiment in general really took a toll on her. "I’ve been through a lot in my life, a lot of bad things. Honestly that was the hardest time I’ve ever been through, and the one time I couldn't bring myself out of it. It was pretty scary.

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"People don't understand that we're people, we're normal people that have emotions and feelings," she added. "We're not just puppets for everybody's entertainment after a show ends. These things do hurt the average person. Also at the time I was only 27, I was still really young."

While you might not agree with Jessika's actions, it's fair to say no one deserves to be at the centre of an internet man-hunt, or sent abuse based on a manufactured reality TV show.

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