Married at First Sight Australia: What happened between Claire and Jesse after the cheating scandal?

Married at First Sight Australia series ten recently began airing in the UK on E4, meaning fans in the northern hemisphere can enjoy the juicy drama and antics! However, as with the previous series, the tenth season has already aired Down Under after it was filmed in the summer of 2022.

This means that plenty of action has already hit the headlines including a cheating scandal between a couple and the subsequent fallout from it. If you're not wanting to read spoilers, save this story for later, but otherwise keep reading to find out what really went down between Claire Nomarhas and Jesse Burford.

Claire and Jesse on their wedding day
Claire and Jesse on their wedding day

Claire and Jesse on their wedding day

What happened between Claire and Jesse on Married at First Sight Australia?

Claire and Jesse were one of the first couples to marry on Married at First Sight Australia season ten and when they saw each other at the altar, it looked as if they were off to a promising start.

But, given Jesse's endless list of "icks", it was only a matter of time before he began feeling a bit put off by his new wife. For starters, when Claire asked about Jesse's star sign at the wedding breakfast, Jesse seemed almost instantly unimpressed, and things went from bad to worse.

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The couple then jetted off to the Whitsundays for their honeymoon but as soon as they touched down, they had a very awkward moment that threw a spanner in the words. Check out the video below to see what happened…

WATCH: Jesse and Claire had a very awkward moment on their honeymoon


After this, the pair decided to initially stick things out and try and remain in the relationship for the long-haul. But soon, the cracks began to show.

Did Claire cheat on Married at First Sight Australia?

Later on in the series, things got even messier after it came to light that Claire had been getting closer with another person taking part in the experiment. Adam Seed, who was married to Janelle Han, grew close with Claire after going on a night out with his fellow cast members.

In episode eight, which aired on Thursday, Jesse accuses his wife of having secret phone calls with Adam and getting a little too comfortable with Adam in the bar. The episode opened with him expressing his anger and tells the camera: "I literally was at a point where I could not control my anger. I'm not happy. Like why the [expletive] would you do that?"

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Adam and Janelle on their wedding day
Adam and Janelle on their wedding day

Claire cheated on Jesse with Adam

Where are Claire and Jesse from Married at First Sight Australia now?

Claire initially denied the allegations and the pair exchanged some tense words but, in scenes that have not yet aired, they then sat down for another commitment ceremony and opened up about how to handle the situation. Jesse told the experts and his fellow contestants: "Claire cheated on me.

"I have stretched myself so much. I came into this saying that my fight or flight kicks in real quick and I'm quick to end things early on so I really stretched myself... but this comment really brought back a lot of things that I had been pushing to the side."

Eventually, the pair decided to part ways and they both decided to opt for "leave" when asked about their future on the show. It's safe to say they won't be reuniting anytime soon…

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