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Marks & Spencer's £30 fleece dressing gown that's 'perfect for cosy days'

(Marks & Spencer / Yahoo Life UK)
Described as the "best dressing gown ever" by shoppers, it's the perfect buy ahead of Christmas. (Marks & Spencer / Yahoo Life UK)

With temperatures basically freezing, the idea of curling up on the sofa in a cosy dressing gown is more appealing than ever. And thanks to Marks & Spencer, the prospect of doing *just* that, got even more inviting.

As part of the department store's loungewear range, M&S is selling a Fleece Zipped Long Dressing Gown for just £30 and it's everything you could possibly want from a comfy housecoat.

The perfect throw-on robe that's soft, easy to wear and looks good on, it's had shoppers so impressed that they've been buying multiple. One shopper even said, "Absolutely love this, I have 4 now, [they're] so warm and cosy".

Currently in demand over on M&S's website, it's ideal if you're stumped for gift ideas and looking for something special at a reasonable price, or, quite simply, if your own dressing gown could do with an upgrade.

A throw-on dressing gown that's soft, easy to wear and looks good on. 

£30 at Marks & Spencer

Why we rate it

For starters, the fleecy fabric has a gorgeous, cloud-like softness that feels lovely against your skin.

There's a full-length zip which goes right up to the high neck which means it's harder for the cold air to sneak in.

It features a regular fit with a longer length hem that's great for chucking on over your favourite pyjamas, and long sleeves for optimum warmth. It even has pockets.

(Marks & Spencer)
Great for throwing on when you want cover up, it comes in two colours: Grey and Pink. (Marks & Spencer)
(Marks & Spencer)
It features a regular fit which suits all body shapes. (Marks & Spencer)
(Marks & Spencer)
It comes with a high neck, full-length zip and two pockets. (Marks & Spencer)
(Marks & Spencer)
Gone are the days of feeling embarrassed opening your door to the postie. (Marks & Spencer)

Shop the grey dressing gown Shop the pink dressing gown Shop M&S dressing gowns

Up for grabs in two colours: Grey and Pink, and available in sizes extra small to extra large, it's machine washable at 40C – and washes and dries really well, according to the customer reviews.

Practically the perfect dressing gown and available for just £30, we suggest snapping one up as soon as you can before it sells out, which we think is highly likely, especially this close to Christmas.

What the reviews say

With over 200 reviews collectively, the majority of which are rated four and five stars, it's an obvious hit amongst shoppers.

  • "The fabric is soft, light weight and beautifully cosy. I bought size large (I'm a tall 14/16) and the size is perfect, with a generous sleeve length. Much prefer this zip up style to a tie belt. It looks neater and is more secure. Don't mind answering the door in this stylish gown. Also easier to pack than a regular fleece gown. I wish I could justify buying another in the pink. Maybe after Christmas."

  • "Comfy, cosy dressing gown. Bought same style since 2020 as it is excellent value for money."

  • "I bought 4, 1 for my best friend, 2 for my twin granddaughters and 1 for myself! They are so cosy and comfortable, [it's] like wearing a duvet! "

  • "Cosy and warm and nice to have a full zip rather than a belt which slips open. The second one [I've] bought, so when one is in the wash, the other is available for wear."

  • "Fabulous quality and value. Keeps you nice and warm."

  • "Beautiful and soft furry fabric, so cosy to wear. I particularly like a dressing gown with a zip, so much easier to keep covered."

Shop now: Fleece Long Dressing Gown, Grey | £30 from Marks & Spencer

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Shop now: Fleece Long Dressing Gown, Pink | £30 from Marks & Spencer

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