Mark Wahlberg reveals his daughter has Olympic dream

Mark Wahlberg has revealed his 13-year-old daughter Grace wants to be an Olympian.

The 52-year-old actor is renowned for his work ethic and often wakes up early to hit the gym when he's getting in shape for a film role.

Mark shared his youngest child Grace is a keen horse rider and has inherited his ambitious nature, with Grace determined to represent her country in an equestrian event.

"My daughter, believe it or not, is more disciplined than me," Mark told E! News. "I didn't adopt that kind of discipline until I was in my 30s, and I had to do it because of work.

"And now, she does it on her own because she wants to be an Olympian."

Mark also has sons Michael, 17, and Brendan, 15, as well as daughter Ella, 20, with his wife Rhea Durham.

The couple has made no secret of Grace's dedication to equestrian events, with both regularly posting updates and photos from competitions.

"Last day of showing at the Nationals," Rhea wrote on her Instagram account earlier this month. "So proud of you Grace and Bernadette! You guys went double clear in the children's mini Grand Prix today and dad and I almost threw up but we made it through."