Margot Robbie's messy bedhead curls are giving bombshell vibes

margot robbie bedhead hair
Margot's bedhead curls are such a lewkJon Kopaloff - Getty Images

If Margot Robbie's hair looks at the Golden Globes and Babylon movie premiere weren't enough to satisfy your every day beauty needs, then bets are that her undone (read: sexy bedhead) photocall hairdo will tip the iceberg.

Of course, it has to be acknowledged that Margot Robbie being, well, the Margot Robbie makes for having a pretty good head start when it comes to any sorta' glam makeover. But that doesn't take away from the beauty of the look that her hairstylist, Bryce Scarlett shared on Instagram. Scroll along the three-part carousel post below to take her hair in all its perfectly textured glory.

It's giving: 'I woke up like this' – if you were to go to sleep having prepped the night before. And what I mean by that is Margot's loose locks give the appearance of a second (or even third!) day curl. That, or they've been brushed out and teased to achieve a natural-looking undone finish.

Friends and fans of the star are also loving the look, sharing compliments for her hairdo in the comments section of Bryce's post. Read a select few standouts below:

"Perfect texture"


"I’m so obsessed"

"Olala Olala Olala ! I need to try to recreate it asap."

"Love this sexy undone (done) hair! 😍"

"Beachy gorgeous hair 🌊"

"LOVE!! Beach bombshell vibes 😍🔥😍🔥😍"

Now, all I've just got to do is figure out a way to recreate bedhead hair, but without looking like I've just woken up or been dragged through a hedge backward... any tips, Bryce?!

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