Man heavily criticised for comparing scraped knees to period pain

A man has been trolled for claiming period pain is nothing compared to the pain of a scraped knee [Photo: Getty]
A man has been trolled for claiming period pain is nothing compared to the pain of a scraped knee [Photo: Getty]

A man has felt the full wrath of the Internet after claiming scraping your knees is more painful than period pain.

Uploading a photo of a footballer sliding on his knees on a pitch alongside a second image of the resultant scraped knees, the unnamed man went on to compare the bloody knees to the pain experienced during a period.

“Until women experience this, I don’t wanna hear about period pains,” he wrote.

Unsurprisingly Twitter was quick to react and since sharing, the tweet has clocked up more than 11K replies, many from women who had something to say about the flippant comparison.

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To make matters even worse, some people believe the photo on the right showing the badly skinned knees is actually of a woman.

The stereotype of men and their lack of period knowledge is actually pretty damning but a recent survey revealed that the male of the species are actually pretty clued up about women’s monthly cycles.

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But it’s about time we gave them more credit, as a survey has revealed that they’re actually pretty clued up.

Pharmaceutical company Teva spoke asked 5,000 straight men in relationships from different 12 countries in Europe how much they knew about women’s menstrual cycles.

And found out that their knowledge was pretty accurate.

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Last year, doctors confirmed that period pains can be as painful as a heart attack or migraine.

Doctors refer to this as dysmenorrhea, and it can differ from woman to woman, leaving some in crippling pain.

Although some people are lucky enough to have a relatively painless period, nine in 10 women experience cramps and between 30-50% suffer from dysmenorrhoea – an especially painful menstruation.

But there’s a reason some women are more affected by PMS symptoms than others.

According to Dr Louise Newson, GP and regional director for the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum, it’s all to do with how our brains are wired.

“There are some women who are more sensitive to hormonal changes in their brains than others,” she told Yahoo UK.

“Women who have PMS usually feel worse when their oestrogen levels are low, classically around the time before their periods.”