Man caught in background of newscast proposing to girlfriend

There are so many exciting things about working on live TV - one of which is never knowing exactly what your camera will capture on film as you're taping a live report.

Take for instance, Josh Mullins who was proposing to his girlfriend during a reports lives shot at Kansas City International Airport.

Watch the video below:

Anchor Brenda Washington of KMBC, was shooting on a piece on eating healthily at the airport when, unbeknownst to her, Mullin was in the background nervously preparing to pop the question to Ashlee Baldwin, 20, of Springfield, Mo.

In the video, you can see Mullin getting down one knee just before the shot cuts away to Washington's report .

Neeley Schmitz, the photographer on the shoot, said, 'He just proposed to her.' I couldn't see. I didn't know what was going on in the background," Washington said. "At first, I thought the crew was playing a joke on me. I wasn't quite sure it was real."

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After she finished her piece, Washington asked the couple to join her live on the air.

"Is this for real?" Washington asked the couple.

"It's for real," Baldwin said.

"What did you say?" Washington asked.

"Yes," Baldwin replied.

Mullin said he was flying into Kansas City to meet Baldwin and help her move back to Greeley, where she attends the University of Northern Colorado, while Baldwin is majoring in elementary education. Mullin teaches second and third grade at a charter school in Greeley.

The couple are planning a small family wedding in September.

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