What Makes Cookies From Levain Bakery Different

Levain bakery cookie
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Levain Bakery has made a name for itself nationwide, with many considering their unique chocolate chip cookies to be one of the best versions of one of the best cookies of all time. The famous cookie shop was established in 1995 by Pam Weerecikes and Connie McDonald, who quit their jobs to pursue cookie-making full-time once they realized they had a product worth waiting in a lengthy line for.

So what exactly makes a cookie from Levain Bakery different, and why are people lining up around the block and prepared to pay at least $5 just to get their hands on one? The secret might be the cookie's immense size and contrasting textures. Traditionally, there are two schools of thought amongst cookie lovers, those who enjoy crunchy cookies, and those who prefer a soft, chewy center. Levain has found a way to incorporate both into a single cookie, and the results are massive -- literally!

The cookie must weigh in at 6 oz, much larger than the standard 1 oz chocolate chip cookie that most bakeries offer. The exact recipe for how their crunchy-yet-gooey cookie is achieved has remained a secret, which has only heightened their appeal. Many have tried to guess the trick to making extra gooey cookies that don't spread out through the baking process while the edges get nice and crispy, but the true secret has never been revealed.

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The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Levain's Massive Cookies

Levain Bakery cookies
Levain Bakery cookies - Instagram

Surprisingly, Levain's fan favorite cookie isn't the chocolate chip -- it is, rather, the chocolate chip walnut, which the website claims is "The cookie that started it all!" Levain isn't afraid to experiment with cookie flavors, offering limited edition cookies like Rocky Road and Cafe con Leche, as well as permanent menu items like Caramel coconut chocolate chip and dark chocolate peanut butter.

Levain cookies' impressive size and melty interior are endlessly Instagramable. Thanks to the foodies of social media, Levain quickly grew from a local favorite to a nationwide craze, with visitors from all over making a stop at the popular bakery during their trip to NYC. Levain's storefronts, along with their reputation, have expanded across the country, with 13 locations on the East Coast and one in Los Angeles. For cookie lovers who aren't located on the coast, Levain also ships their famous cookies nationwide.

Even after multiple decades in business, word of their massive chocolate chip cookies continues to spread across the internet, with cookie lovers posting their reviews and hot takes after scoring their very own mountain of gooey, chocolatey goodness. TikTok user @explorenewyorkcity gave Levain's two-chip chocolate chip cookie a 10 out of 10, describing it as "hard and crunchy on the outside," while the inside was "gooey, like dough ... with infinite chocolate chips." With a review like that, we can see why lines are wrapped around the block.

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