MAFS Australia: What happened with the Claire and Jesse cheating scandal?

Married At First Sight Australia season 10 has quickly become our new TV obsession in the last few weeks. The reality series is back again pairing up singles who meet for the first time as they head down the aisle. As always the series is full of cute couples, awkward moments and a good helping of drama.

And this season might be the most dramatic yet, thanks in part to the relationship between 30-year-old marriage celebrant Jesse Burford and 31-year-old teacher Claire Nomarhas. Whilst things seemed to go well at first, their relationship quickly turned sour after Jesse got the "ick" and Claire was accused of cheating, before the pair seemingly hit their groove and looked to be one of the stronger couplings.

what happened with claire and jesse
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Contains spoilers for MAFS Australia

The series has finished airing in Aus, while last night's episode saw viewers in the UK watch Claire admit to cheating on Jesse with Adam, while at a new couples' wedding. So, this is exactly what happened between Jesse and Claire, and all the details of *that* cheating scandal.

What happened at Jesse and Claire's wedding?

Things seemed to start off strong for Jesse and Claire at their wedding, with both finding the other attractive as they headed down the aisle.

However, after saying their "I dos" Jesse' long list of "icks" soon came out and he found himself getting the ick from Claire after she began talking about star signs.

What happened on Jesse and Claire's honeymoon?

Things went from bad to worse during the couples' honeymoon, as Claire claimed Jesse shushed her in the airport whilst they were looking at books together.

They then seemed to sort of get back on track after Jesse revealed his insecurities to Claire and she took them on board. However, during the honeymoon challenge where Jesse revealed his ick list, he hurt Claire's feelings by mimicking her habits.

Claire was seen visibly upset and appeared to leave the experiment, getting her suitcase and walking out.

what happened with claire and jesse

Jesse has since claimed in an interview with the Daily Mail Australia that during the honeymoon, it was obvious to himself, Claire and production that there wasn't a romantic relationship between them.

He claimed he brought this up with Claire, who became defensive and accused Jesse of 'gaslighting' her.

Jesse told the Daily Mail: "It was obvious between production and myself and Claire that we're just pretty much mates on the honeymoon and there's no real romance. I was the first to kind of bring that up with Claire [to start] what I was hoping to be a conversation.

"[I said] 'Let's see what we can do to enhance the romance here'. It was met with complete defence. And just honestly, she just got really angry in that moment.

"She got very defensive and very combative. She even accused me of gaslighting her because I said, 'Why are you getting so angry about this?Like, there's not much romance here. Let's see what we can do about it.'

"And she says 'why are you getting defensive?' And she's like, 'I'm not getting defensive. You're gaslighting me.'"

Cosmopolitan has reached out to Endemol Shine, Nine and Claire for comment.

What happened on Jesse, Claire and Adam's night out?

Following the honeymoon Claire and Jesse returned to the experiment and attended the first dinner party separately after Jesse told Claire during an attempted reconciliation that he doesn't "chase girls".

Things were awkward between the pair at the dinner, with Claire telling the other women her side of the story. However, the couple didn't leave the experiment and chose to move in together along with the other couples in the apartment block.

what happened with claire and jesse mafs

Following moving in with each other Claire and Jesse went on a night out with some of the other cast members including Adam Seed. Claire and Adam were said to be getting on well, and when Claire returned home later that evening after Jesse, she was said to be on the phone with someone, who Jesse claimed was Adam.

Both Claire and Adam denied anything happened between them, with Jesse later apologising to both his partner and the fellow couple for flying off the handle, admitting to having a jealous side.

During intimacy week, one of the challenges involved Jesse and Claire having an extended hug, which started a new side of their relationship - one of trust, attraction and what was beginning to look like love. The pair said they were developing feelings for each other during an appearance on the expert's couch.

So what did happen with Claire and Adam?

However, during one of the new couples' weddings, which aired in the UK on 28th March, Claire later admitted to Jesse that they did kiss on the night out.

Claire said: "I have broken your trust. That night when we all went out and Adam and I went outside we kissed.”

Jesse went onto say he "knew it" and called Adam a "snake".

Following her appearance on MAFS Australia Claire went on the Fitzy and Wippa radio show where she said the kiss lasted for a few seconds and said they both lent in for the kiss.

Are Claire and Jesse still together?

Following the revelation about the kiss Jesse said he wanted to leave the experiment and claimed he told Claire and production, but the production team wouldn't let him leave.

Speaking to the Daily Mail he said: "You can't just walk off set. You can't just leave the apartments and catch your own flight. You can't do that. They wave the contract in your face.

"I don't even know if I'm even allowed to be saying this right now, but I just tried my best and I said, once I found out about the kiss, and we went to the dinner party that weekend and I said to Claire, 'I want to go home, I'm done with this. I want to go back to Perth'."

what happened with claire and jesse mafs

During the commitment ceremony following Claire's revelation about the kiss she chose to stay in the experiment to try and build trust with Jesse, whilst Jesse opted to leave. As per the rules of the show both participants have to remain if one opts to stay.

Despite the pair continuing on in the experiment their relationship did not improve and by the fifth commitment ceremony they both opted to leave the experiment separately.

Jesse has since claimed he believes he was given the "villain edit" after watching the series back and Claire was portrayed as an "angel".

He told the Daily Mail Australia: "I was shocked watching our relationship play out on screen. I remember thinking to myself, 'I don't have to worry one bit about if I'm going to be a villain, because [Claire] just said some crazy stuff.'

"And there I am watching our honeymoon six months later, and they're showing none of it!"

So far Claire has not commented on Jesse's claims.

Cosmopolitan has reached out to Endemol Shine, Nine and Claire for comment.

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