Madonna shares post-surgery selfie and claps back at trolls who made fun of her face

Madonna isn't here for trolls. And rightfully so. Taking to Twitter, the singing sensation called out critics who'd questioned her appearance at the Grammy Awards earlier this month.

ICYMI, Madonna took to the stage during the awards ceremony to introduce Sam Smith and Kim Petras as they performed their hit, Unholy. But, despite Sam and Kim's epic performance, viewers had more to say about Madonna's face, with plenty taking to social media to question the cosmetic work she's had done. The focus on Madonna's face reignited conversations on the pressure women face to conform to society's beauty standards and fans and celebrity friends alike flocked to her defence.

Now, Madonna has clapped back at the trolls who made fun of her. "Look how cute I am now that swelling from surgery has gone down. Lol," she wrote alongside a selfie, in which she looks undeniably damn! hot!

"You are and always will be beautiful," one person tweeted in response to the photo, adding: "We love you so much, no matter the negative opinion of other people."

"I only see a powerful woman thriving and minding her business," someone else said, as a third wrote: "Keep pushing boundaries, keep fighting the good fight and do what you like if it makes you happy."

Sadly, not everyone had nice things to say about Madonna's appearance, and to that one fan said so perfectly: "I don't know why people on this thread feel a need to tell you what you should or shouldn't do with your body. We should all thrive to do what makes us happy without worrying about what others think."


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