Madison Beer switches up dark brunette hair with honey blonde highlights

Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images
Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images

Just like Camila Cabello and Nicole Scherzinger, Madison Beer is known for her signature dark hairstyle. More often than not, we see the singer rock her classic brunette flowing waves and sometimes, she even adds a bow to a half-up half-down look. Cutesy cottage core vibes, I know.

However, as of yesterday, it seems that Madison has gone a few shades lighter for summer – and I guess some may say it's a hairstyle fit for a princess, seeing as Kate Middleton got baby balayage highlights just last week, too.

Unfortunately for us curious cats (read: desperate to know), Madison has not yet confirmed whether or not she has actually dyed her hair, so, after much speculation, it could just be the lighting within the picture. But we'll leave the conclusion of this hair dyeing mystery up to you.

As we can see from Madison's Instagram post, her *almost* hip-length locks seem to have more of a golden shine to them. And although she's not quite gone Malfoy-esque peroxide blonde, the mid-length to ends of her hair do look as if they have a honey-meets-caramel hue.

Of course, with it now being summer, other than the possibility of this hair look being achieved with dye or even overhead orange-tinge lighting, Madison's hair also could have been lightened naturally by the sun. I suppose the theories are endless, so Madison, please do put us out of our misery and share your secrets?

Not only has she (possibly) just unveiled a brand new hair look but the singer also shared with us what she uses on her face – makeup-wise, duh. In the caption, she writes: "baby blue n @fentybeauty pro filtr foundation", which by our standards, is a really great full coverage foundation – especially for those of us with oily skin.

BRB, I'm off to stock up on this before it sells out...

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