Maddie Ziegler is unrecognisable with a retro bob and mini-fringe

maddie ziegler bob
Maddie Ziegler is unrecognisable with retro bobAxelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

We can't help but check our calendars on our laptops, phones and on the wall, because we're seriously lost. Maddie Ziegler has simultaneously taken us to the past and the future all in one photoshoot. The celeb (who Google seems to believe is 20 – sorry, what??) looks breathtaking in a new retro photoshoot, but almost unrecognisable from everyone's favourite Dance Moms Alum. Ok, wait JoJo Siwa is very beloved, so scratch that, a lot of people's favourite Dance Moms Alum.

Hairstylist Clayton Hawkins has swapped Maddie's long golden chestnut hair for a retro chocolate brown bob. Deliciously styled with the flickiest of flicks, a cute little beehive to accentuate the stylised bell shape of the 'do, and a gappy full fringe falling just longer than a micro-fringe, so maybe we'll call it a mini-fringe. Whatever it is it looks fabulous.

maddie ziegler bob
Karwai Tang - Getty Images

Obsessing over this totally 60s shoot, we feel like we've just stepped back in time. But simultaneously the future because how is Maddie so grown up and glam?

Maddie has been killing it since graduating the Abby Lee Dance Company in 2016. Proving that she's not just got the moves. She has also been modelling, acting and even collaborating on makeup lines. Which we're sure is all feeding into how much she's nailing this shoot, embodying the era, and doing that hair the justice it deserves.

Props to Heather Picchiottino for the impossibly cool fashion styling, meanwhile Tonya Brewers statement babydoll lashes alone are enough to make us swoon.

If we were Maddie's age (12*) this would be cut out and stuck on our wall, because we can't stop pouring over these photos. In fact, we still want them on our wall.

*I am very aware of Maddie's real age but please let me live on in denial because I don't want to calculate how old this makes me.

maddie ziegler bob
Maddie at actual age 12 in 2015, and in our minds.Don Arnold - Getty Images

^ Maddie at actual age 12, in 2015 and in our minds.

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