Maddie Ziegler first wore makeup aged 6

Maddie Ziegler started wearing makeup from a young age credit:Bang Showbiz
Maddie Ziegler started wearing makeup from a young age credit:Bang Showbiz

Maddie Ziegler started wearing makeup when she was six.

The 19-year-old dancer-and-actress - who has just launched her second collaboration with popular beauty brand Morphe - started experimenting with makeup from an early age, and while she is now confident in her ability, she's always learning new tricks of the trade.

She said: "I think I can now confidently do my makeup. I started doing my own makeup when I was six years old. So I have continued to grow in terms of my makeup skills, but I love it so much. There's no rules to makeup, so I think that's why I also love it so much because you have so much freedom to play and sometimes I think [about] how they say art is subjective. I think that's the same with makeup. I think that it's up to your own interpretation and you can do whatever makes you happy."

The 'Fallout' star shared her everyday makeup routine and explained that she uses products that "enhance" her natural beauty.

She told Teen Vogue: "I would say my everyday makeup, I use my brow pen from this collection. I love to use that just to kind of give like a feathery brow and maybe I'll throw some clear brow gel in there. I'll use that same brow product to enhance my freckles and my little beauty marks which I love because sometimes those get hidden. And then obviously I use sunscreen and usually cream products cream blush."

Maddie also admitted she can't go anywhere without her entire skincare, essential makeup items and sweatpants.

She said: "Oh my gosh, definitely all my skincare that's like the one thing that will make my suitcase heavy. I would definitely say pairs of sweatpants. I need to bring sweatpants with me everywhere I go. And then obviously like my go-to makeup products because you never know what can happen. It's always the times I don't bring my makeup that I actually end up needing it. So that's something that I've done now. I always bring it just in case so I'll bring the staple things like my brow product or blush and I'll bring mascara and lip liner."