M&S Is Selling Gin & Tonic Flavoured Sorbet Tubs And We're Running There RN

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We're always one for an iced treat or two, especially during the summer months. And if there's one supermarket retailer that we can always count on to satisfy our cravings, it's our good friends over at Marks & Spencer.

No strangers to a great-tasting, summer-worthy product innovation (have you seen their ice cream mini bites), their development department sure know how to get us in a good mood! And their latest launch is proof of just that...

Spotted online via M&S Sixfields on Facebook and reshared via @kevssnackreviews on Instagram, Marks & Spencer is selling cocktail sorbets and they come in two delicious flavours.

Available in little tubs, there's a gin and tonic flavour up for grabs, as well as a passion star martini edition. Who's for a quick detour to the nearest M&S?

Available in Marks & Spencer stores now, each tub contains between 1.2% and 1.4% ABV.

In other ice-y news, Iceland has only gone and revealed J2O Ice Creams! We're talking sticks of fruit blended ice cream topped with layers of orange and passionfruit.

Giving us serious Solero energy, we can't help but imagine these lollies blended up and spiked with a little *something, something* for the ultimate summer treat...

Not stopping there, Iceland's even selling Baileys Ice Cream (the brand's first official ice cream instalment).

Coming in tubs as well as ice cream sticks, the new flavour is described as featuring “the real taste of Baileys,” and is available in supermarkets. Just imagine the sort of boozy float you could knock up with this stuff? Or even a milkshake?