M&S Cafés To Sell Percy Pig Slushees — But There's A Catch

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Photo credit: Marks & Spencer
Photo credit: Marks & Spencer

It's not everyday you wake up to the news that one of your favourite fruit-flavoured sweeties is being transformed into a slurpable, ridiculously delicious slush. You heard me! Marks & Spencer just revealed plans for M&S Cafés to begin selling what they call Percy Pig Slushees, and we couldn't be more into the idea.

Made from a refreshing combination of apple, raspberry and grape juice, churned until frozen, with no added sugar, artificial colours or flavourings, these slushees even count as one of your five a day, making them 1,000 times more tempting.

Photo credit: Marks & Spencer
Photo credit: Marks & Spencer

But (yes — there's a but), the Percy Pig Slushee will only be available from seven M&S Cafés. We know... not ideal, but the Marks & Spencer team have said to keep an eye on Percy Pig's official Instagram account, @official_percypig, for a chance to vote for the next M&S Café to receive the slush machine!

For now though, lucky customers at Colchester Stane Park, Peterborough Brotherhood, Brooklands, Aylesbury, Bluewater, Stevenage and Rushden Lakes can be the first to get their trotters on a Percy Pig Slushee.

Hands up if you're not done talking about Percy Pig? Luckily for you, we've got some great news concerning a certain signature advent calendar filled with Percy Pig chocolates.

That's right, M&S has relaunched its Percy Pig Advent Calendar for 2022 and we're desperate to get our hands on one.

First brought to our attention by Snack News & Reviews on Facebook, fans have been going wild for the returning advent, with one person commenting, "I want one of these," and another tagging a friend and saying, "pretty please!"

Now, who's for a trip to M&S (preferably one with a café)?