Luther movie unveils first pictures and plot details for Idris Elba's comeback

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Luther movie reveals first pictures, plot detailsBBC / Des Willie

Luther's long-awaited movie continuation has been shrouded in mystery, but details are finally starting to trickle out.

The latest Empire Magazine has a few plot details as well as the first two images from the film, giving us a hint as to what we can expect.

The first photo sees Idris Elba's hard-boiled detective in his same old coat, but in a totally new environment. The film is taking Luther out of the gritty and grimy streets of London to... somewhere. We're not sure where, but it's somewhere with a snowy mountain.

Despite the change in location, Elba is insistent that it's still the same-old Luther. He said: "It’s really dangerous when expanding from television to film to throw a lot of money at it, and for that moment to change the characteristics of the show,.

"I wanted to make sure that even though we had a bigger budget, [we didn’t] distort the parameters of Luther-land too much. We do amplify the action and do amplify the stakes. But [series 3’s] man-under-the-bed moment? That don’t cost you much money. Those moments are still intact."

What the move to a film does allow is for them to "peel the onion back" and take their time with things.

"It also gives Neil [Cross, the creator] a lot more, you know, Luther-land to play with, in terms of where Luther can go, how he goes, what the landscape is... And that’s great. It feels like now we’re entering a different life of the Luther experience."

But don't worry, grim and gritty fans! The second released photo from the film shows Luther standing in a dirty train tunnel, so you won't be completely left out in the cold.

The Luther movie, which will also star Cynthia Erivo and Andy Serkis, does not yet have a release date.

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