Lupita Nyong’o shows off adventurous appetite while eating ant-garnished fruit

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Lupita Nyong'o has one distinguished palate.

The Us star shared a video of herself eating a piece of fruit garnished with ants on Instagram on Friday.

"You can call me Ant-Woman!! #Marvel #Ants #Foodie," Lupita wrote in the caption.

In the video, Lupita calls the snack "really good" and sighs in contentment after her last bite whilst holding a glass of champagne.

Though it may be shocking at first glance, insects are a culinary staple for many cultures. ​​Mexico, Brazil and Ghana are just a few countries known to indulge in foods of the insect variety.

Noma, the provider of Lupita's latest snack for the Los Angeles sustainability event, is a Michelin three-star Scandinavian restaurant, considered by some to be the "World's Best Restaurant."

Still, while ant-adornments are common across cultures, many of Lupita's commenters were skeptical of the snack.

"What is u doin baybeh…what you eating ants fohhh?!! This is ant-agonizing me… I'm feeling antsy…what would yo aunt say…my antena is going crazyyy," wrote Winston Duke.

Others admitted they would have misinterpreted the snack entirely.

"On purpose??? I would've definitely assumed the waiter dropped mine and I would've asked for a new one...maybe I don't get out enough 😂 but YOU at least look great lol," wrote Gabrielle Dennis.

Others praised Nyong'o's penchant for adventure, even in dining.

"Adventurous dinner you are," wrote one user.

"@audi brought @nomacph to LA for an event to celebrate sustainability, and the food and company was absolutely divine. What a wonderful evening! #AudiPartner," she wrote in the caption of another post, featuring a photo of her posing with Ariana DeBose.

Nyong'o did also share some non-hymenoptera dishes from the event to her Instagram on Thursday, including a fruit bowl and caviar-complemented dish, both from Noma.

The actress wore a one-shoulder pink jumpsuit during the event, and fans loved the vibrant look.

"Lupita knows her colors," wrote one user

"That jumpsuit though," shared another.

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