Luke Combs Received the Craziest Birthday Gift from Wife Nicole

On March 2nd, country music star Luke Combs celebrated his 34th birthday! With his level of success, Combs is undoubtably a difficult person to shop for. When you're selling out concerts and topping the charts, you can pretty much buy whatever you want for yourself, which doesn't leave many options for birthday presents.

However, this obstacle was no match for Nicole Hocking, Luke's wife of nearly four years and mother of his two children, Tex and Beau. We must say say that Nicole hit it out of the park this year on the gift-giving front!

Nicole posted to Instagram, wishing Luke a happy birthday and hinting at her ingenious gift. "Happy Birthday to my favorite human!!!! The world is a better place with you in it. I love you sooo mucho! I hope you love Federico!!! 💀🐿️🪶💜," she wrote.

"Thanks my love! Wouldn’t wanna live it with anyone else," Luke replied. Combs shared a photo of the gift in question on his Instagram story writing, "Thanks for all the B-Day wishes y’all. This is what @nicolejcombs got me. Meet Federico the Cowboy Squirrel haha."

The photo showed a taxidermy squirrel wearing a cowboy hat with one paw in the air. His other paw holds reins secured to the taxidermy pheasant he is riding. Combs affectionately named his new cowboy squirrel Federico. Now that's an over-the-top birthday present that shows off some pretty impressive creativity on Nicole's end.

While a taxidermy cowboy squirrel riding a pheasant of this caliber surely isn't cheap, it may just be the one thing Combs wouldn't think to buy for himself. Now we're just wondering where Nicole got the squirrel and pheasant!

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