Lucy Spraggan proposed to Emilia Smith with an unusual engagement ring with special meaning


In a beautiful celebration filled with love and joy, singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan tied the knot with her girlfriend Emilia Smith over the weekend.

The heartwarming wedding was covered exclusively by HELLO!, showcasing the couple's special day, which took place at the picturesque Saltmarshe Hall in East Yorkshire.

One of the most unique aspects of their love story is the stunning engagement ring that Lucy chose for Emilia.

Straying from the traditional solitaire diamonds, Lucy proposed with a marquise-cut diamond ring, symbolising their enduring friendship and love.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman pose with Lucy Spraggan after her wedding
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman pose with Lucy Spraggan after her wedding

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Maxwell Stone, an engagement ring specialist from UK retailer Steven Stone, commented on the exquisite piece, saying: “A heartfelt congratulations to Lucy Spraggan and Emilia Smith.

“When Lucy proposed, she did so with a stunning engagement ring that features what looks like a 1-carat marquise-cut diamond in a solitaire setting. This elegant cut, known for its elongated shape and pointed ends, adds a timeless charm that draws the eye to Emilia's sparkling diamond.”

Lucy's engagement ring has a special meaning
Lucy's engagement ring has a special meaning (Instagram)

Maxwell continued: “Marquise-cut diamonds are often seen as a symbol of friendship, representing the enduring bond between two people. This makes the choice of stone especially fitting, as Lucy and Emilia have shared a decade-long friendship. An engagement ring like Emilia’s could be worth up to around £9,500 ($12,000).”

The couple's love story began over a decade ago in 2013. Lucy, 32, and Emilia's friendship blossomed into a romance that led to their engagement earlier this year.

Lucy and Emilia have known each other for almost a decade
Lucy and Emilia have known each other for almost a decade (Instagram)

Speaking on the My Dirty Laundry podcast, Lucy opened up about their unexpected romance, explaining, "It's been a surprise for both of us really because we've been friends for 10 years and it wasn't until late last year that we both sort of turned to each other and we're like wait... we've been really, really good friends for like four or five years."

The realisation of their feelings came to both simultaneously. Lucy recounted, “[The realisation for us happened] at exactly the same time without saying anything to each other. She had a dream about me and she woke up and she's like, 'Oh, my God, I think I feel this way about Lucy.' And she sent me a text saying she was coming down to my show and I got butterflies and I was left thinking, 'What was that?' And that was like two days after her dream."

Lucy Spraggan's wedding covered by HELLO!
Lucy Spraggan's wedding covered by HELLO!

Their wedding was a family affair, with Simon Cowell, Lucy’s close friend, walking her down the aisle. Lucy’s 11-year-old Boston terrier, Steve, also made a charming appearance in a black bow tie. Reflecting on the special day, Lucy said, "It was perfect." She wore a bespoke white King and Allen three-piece suit and walked down the aisle to her own song, "Other Sides of the Moon," dedicated to her bride.

Simon Cowell's role in the ceremony was a heartfelt highlight. Lucy revealed, "We've just bonded so much over the last few years. I actually asked him when we were in Barbados around Christmas time. We were all on the beach and hanging out, and it was just really lovely. We were talking about the wedding. We weren't even properly engaged then. And I was like, 'Would you give me away?' And he went for a swim in the sea. He came back and just said, 'I'd be honoured.'"

Simon's involvement didn’t end there, as he also gave a touching speech. Lucy shared, "He is doing a speech, and it's funny because a lot of people feel like they know people who are on television."