Lucy Mecklenburgh reveals she's being 'kinder' to her body as she shares impressive post-baby pic

Lucy Mecklenburgh gave birth to her first child in March last year. (Getty Images)
Lucy Mecklenburgh gave birth to her first child in March last year. (Getty Images)

She is famed for her strong, lean physique, which she works hard to maintain through her passion for fitness – but Lucy Mecklenburgh has revealed she didn’t always feel so body confident.

The former reality star, 29, opened up about how she is now being “kinder” to herself following the birth of her son Roman last March.

In a post on Instagram, the mother-of-one shared a mirror selfie of her impressive post-baby body, 10 months after giving birth, while wearing just a grey underwear set.

Captioning the image, she wrote: “Before I had a baby I would look at my body and do that typical Mean Girls movie moment and say things to myself like ‘I wish I had longer, thinner legs,’ ‘I wish I had bigger/perkier boobs!’ ‘I wish I had trained harder and had more muscle definition.’”

Mecklenburgh – who is engaged to actor Ryan Thomas – added: “After having Roman I’m so much kinder to myself! I think why did I actually care that much and waste so much energy putting myself down!

“There’s so much more important things in my life to focus on than if I have abs or not. I guess it put a lot of thing in perspective having a baby and living through a very tough year for all of us.

“I’m so proud of my body for growing a child, repairing itself and allowing me to be healthy and strong enough to look after my baby everyday.”

The ex-TOWIE cast member’s post has received more than 56,000 ‘likes’, as well as over 600 messages of support.

Famous friend Lucy Watson wrote: “You look incredible!”

Another, Ashley James, commented: “Beauuuuty.”

Her TOWIE co-star Lydia Bright shared: “That’s my best friend.”

And a fourth added: “Gorgeous Lucy, and such lovely words too.”

In July, the new mum revealed she had lost four stone since giving birth to her little boy.

Writing on social media, she insisted that she had slimmed down to a healthy weight through a balanced diet and light exercise.

She said: “A lot of people are asking me about my diet after Roman, but the answer is I’m not on one.

"I eat three balanced meals a day, lots of water when I breastfeed and a few snacks e.g. oat cookies, hummus, rice cakes, half an avocado.

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"I do lots of walking and light exercises and stretches on @resultswithbump. And I’ve lost four stone!"

It comes after Mecklenburgh opened up about how gaining weight during her pregnancy changed her relationship with her body, in an interview with the newly-launched magazine of her fitness brand

She said: "I used to look at the shoots and think, 'Why didn't I train harder, why didn't I look at my diet for two weeks, why did I eat that?’ And I punished myself. I got really upset with myself.

"When I fell pregnant, I remember halfway through my pregnancy I put on quite a lot of weight. I looked back at some of the shoots I'd done and I thought, 'What the hell was she talking about?’ I looked bloody amazing!

"But I wasn't happy then. I was happier in my pregnancy – the heaviest I've ever been – I felt happier and more content than I've ever felt in my life."

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