Lucifer viewers highlight small season 5 finale line that could take on bigger meaning in season 6

Lucifer viewers highlight small season 5 finale line that could take on bigger meaning in season 6

Lucifer fans are only now just noticing a small detail about the finale that could tease a big season six moment.

The hit series returned to Netflix for part two of its fifth season, with fans tearing through the episodes over the weekend.

In the finale, titled “A Chance at a Happy Ending”, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) takes on his brother Michael (also Tom Ellis) in a fight to the death in order to decide who will become the new God.

However, Chloe Decker (Lauren German) intervenes and Michael stabs her in the stomach with a staff that Lucifer had been using as a weapon

By the end of the episode, Lucifer sacrifices himself so he can resurrect Chloe – an act that, in turn, transforms him into the new God.

It’s a detail around the staff Michael uses to kill Chloe that fans are highlighting. As it’s thrown to Lucifer by Amenadiel (DB Woodside), Zadkiel (Joel Rush) exclaims: “That staff is all that remains of the Tree of Life.”

Fans are convinced that this line is no coincidence, and that there will be consequences to Chloe being stabbed by this particular item.


One fan wrote: “Chloe getting stabbed in the womb by the Tree of Life is very VERY interesting to me.”

In response to this, many others expressed shock at having missed this line.

“I hadn’t even made that very symbolic connection, was in such a frenzy to just watch it for general going’s on the first time that I didn’t even pay attention to that detail!” one viewer wrote.

One person added: “Everything is intentional in this show,” with another viewer stating: “Honestly it was the first thing I thought of when it was mentioned and then she got hit with it.”

Lucifer will return for a season six in 2022. The show can currently be streamed on Netflix.

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