The 'How to cook like Heston' challenge

The 'How to cook like Heston' challenge
The 'How to cook like Heston' challenge

He has a reputation for unusual ingredients, strange cooking processes, and adding a dash of the theatrical, but Channel 4’s latest food show, ‘How to Cook like Heston’ is perhaps his most accessible yet.

There’s no denying the oxtail and kidney pudding looked utterly amazing, or that the chilli con carne with cornbread muffins certainly took some effort, and those beef burgers sure looked tasty compared to the local rugby club’s efforts. But would people actually attempt these recipes at home?

Do try this at home

And so while watching while tweeting (which given that broadcasters are increasingly putting hash tags at the start of programmes more of us seem to be doing this) I asked twitter if anyone dare attempt any of the recipes featured, to which a few brave souls replied.

qinxiesays: @foodjournalist I'm always up for a challenge...! #heston

NHVFood: @foodjournalist yep, I'll give it a go!

meat_twoveg: @foodjournalist Yeah up for giving it a shot.

ailsa76: @foodjournalist defiantly going to give it a go, was going to attempt Julia child's challenge but Heston's more fun

And finally Steph, who’s signed up her other half.

StephMulrine: @foodjournalist My other half hasn't seen it yet, but I am pretty sure he'll be daring in the kitchen at the weekend!

The plan

So all our brave volunteers have to do is choose any Heston recipe from the series, try to cook it, photograph it, and write a few hundred words about how it went. Then send these to - easy right? Well we’ll see.

If you’d like to take part you can do, just pick a recipe, try it and let us know how you get on. 

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