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'Love saving on paper towels': Amazon's bestselling microfiber cleaning cloths are down to 41 cents each for Memorial Day

The easiest path to a clean home begins with the right tools. But the truth is, sponges get gross, fancy brands are too pricey, and paper towels are just plain wasteful. So what's a savvy shopper to choose? There's one affordable standout, and it's crazy popular: these No. 1 bestselling Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths that 55,000-plus five-star fans can't get enough of.

Microfiber cloths clean more for less. You'll get three hues, so you can designate different uses for each color. They're nonabrasive, reusable and washable.

$10 at Amazon

Shoppers love how versatile, effective and inexpensive these reusable cloths are. They're normally priced at $13 for 24, just 55 cents per cloth. But right now you can get them for only 41 cents a pop thanks to Amazon's Memorial Day sale.

The absorbent microfiber material is superior to cotton because there is more surface for dirt to cling to. It can also absorb eight times its weight in liquid yet somehow dry quickly. It's a nonabrasive choice for almost any surface. We could go on — so we will!

The one-two-three punch of incredible cleaning power, reusability and affordability makes these a budget-friendly no-brainer. Just wash them and use them again.

Amazon Basics Microfiber Cloths on pink background
Make everything sparkle with these versatile, affordable microfiber cloths. (Amazon)

Amazon shoppers can't get enough of the bestselling cleaning cloths, with many of the 55,000-plus five-star reviewers highlighting how they help them save money.

"Best bang for your buck," wrote a very grateful shopper. "I have a house-cleaning company, and to reduce waste we’ve switched to microfiber. They are fabulous for basic dusting, Swiffering and deep cleaning, and having separate colors allows us to distinguish what they’re used for. Wash the white separately to avoid bleeding and more thorough sanitation as these are for 'bathroom cleaning' for us. Can't beat the price, and love saving on paper towels."

One budget- and eco-conscious shopper added: "Have cut down paper towel usage by 95%. Win-win …save money and less going to the landfill!"

You won't only save on the expense of cleaning cloths, but on sprays and soaps too, fans say. One five-star reviewer raved: "These cloths are the most amazing and versatile cleaning product I've ever used! I had no idea when I bought them how many things you could clean with them and how many cleaning products they would replace. ... Using just water with these cloths, you can clean so many things that used to require soap and water. Like a greasy stove, or the grease build-up in your kitchen and bathroom sinks. ... These are saving me a ton of money in soaps and various other cleaning products!"

As one five-star fan reported: "I used these on every cleaning type around the house — windows, floors, countertops, and baseboards. Easy to clean by hand or in the washing machine. They are soft enough to scrub all the paint left by contractors on all the window frames and the vinyl fence. They have been the greatest help while cleaning around the house. I will never use another type of cloth for cleaning. Also, they are cheap enough to replace them when they get too worn out."

This very creative reviewer shared: "It's a miracle cloth! Not only are these towels good for cleaning and dusting but they take makeup off in a flash! ... I just wet one with plain water. ... Every bit of foundation makeup, brow makeup, lipstick and eyelash makeup came off with not one drop of soap or anything else. I told all my girlfriends and now they are using them and telling me how much money they are saving trying to find a good makeup remover. ... They have stood up to many washings and I do put them in the dryer."

Some shoppers have singled out a particular feature as a drawback. The cloths are thinner than some expected. "These towels are thin compared to some other brands but will work for what I use them for," wrote one.

"Towels are very thin. They are soft. Value for the amount of towels you get is good. These work for light cleaning tasks. Good for kitchen spills or hand wiping to save on paper towel use. For heavier cleaning, I would opt for some other brand," said another.

Other shoppers noted that the color can bleed when you wash them for the first time, and recommend washing them separately. "They work well. They are absorbent and dry quickly. Caveat: The dye used to color the towels bleeds out of them and can stain other items when washing them. Wash them separately in hot water several times to overcome this issue," one warned.

It's a good thing these are so inexpensive because you'll want to clean everything when they arrive.

$10 at Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.) Prime members can also receive an extra Stock Up & Save discount when they buy $50 worth of Amazon products, including these microfiber cloths.

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