Love Island's Omar Nyame and Tiffany Leighton speak out - secret link to Maya Jama and rekindling romances

Omar Nyame and Tiffany Leighton’s time on Love Island came to a dramatic end when they were dumped by their fellow Islanders.

Omar, 25, entered the villa as a bombshell, immediately treading on fellow Islander Ayo Odukoya’s toes when he took Mimii Ngulube out on a date. He also later caused chaos when a row broke out between him and Joey Essex after the former TOWIE star found out Omar had been flirting with his then-partner Grace Jackson.

Tiffany, 25, also entered the villa as a bombshell and quickly found herself embroiled in a dramatic love triangle with Harriett Blackmore and Ronnie Vint. But despite winning Ronnie’s affections, Tiff quickly realised “something was missing between them”, leaving her single and sent packing along with Omar.

Speaking exclusively to OK!, the pair opened up about their time in the villa, friendships and that Joey Essex clash…

Omar Nyame
Omar Nyame caused drama with Joey Essex -Credit:Ian Hippolyte/ITV/Love Island/REX/Shutterstock
Tiffany Leighton Love Island
Tiffany was recently dumped from the villa - and spoke to OK! for our dumping debrief -Credit:Ian Hippolyte/ITV/Love Island/REX/Shutterstock

Hi, guys! How are you? Do you wish you were back in the villa?

Omar: Well, yeah, maybe I should be there.

Tiffany: I think I should be there with all those new boys now there.

Of course, because of Casa Amor, there are six new boys and girls. Who would you crack on with?

Tiffany: Blade [Siddiqi] is quite nice.

Omar: I don’t know, I feel all the girls are nice. I haven’t picked, but maybe there was someone that was before the Casa girls [came in]…

Are you talking about Grace?

Omar: Amazing Grace.

Is it safe to say that you are waiting to see Grace again on the outside?

Omar: I think we will see each other and we will have conversations and talk. Maybe, maybe not, who knows.

So, Omar, let’s talk a bit about your journey first. You came in as a bombshell and coupled up with Mimii…

Omar: With Mimii, she’s a beautiful girl for a start, but her personality, just how she carries herself… I wanted to get to know her straight away, but obviously, there was the love triangle between her, Uma [Jammeh] and Ayo [Odukoya], which I don’t think she liked being in. She obviously knew what she wanted, which was
Ayo at that time. But I think it was easier for her to step away and show Ayo that she’s really invested in him.

Joey Essex and Omar Nyame in Love Island villa
Joey wasn't impressed with Omar -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

You then moved onto Grace. But that got you into a bit of trouble with Joey Essex…

Omar: I wouldn’t call it a fight, but obviously Grace had let me know that I am her type back home. I think there were a lot of people in Joey’s ear saying that I am doing certain things or that I am flirting.
I think that’s just how friendly I am. And especially with someone who has shown me that they’ve got an interest in me. Naturally, you are going to be a little bit flirty, but not anything that’s crazy intentional. He’s seen me and he’s had a problem with me. I was really confused. I was like, “I don’t even know what you are talking about. I don’t even get why you are mad.” But I guess it’s Grace letting me know how she feels towards me and that’s probably set him off.

Tiffany, you were in a love triangle with Ronnie and Harriett and then you got the “ick” with Ronnie…

Tiffany: We were getting on well, but I just said to him, “Something is missing for me.”I feel like we just didn’t have the sexual chemistry that I’m after. He’s back with Harriett now, so I wish them all the best.

You were dumped right after dumping Ronnie. Do you wish you’d given your romance a better go so you could have stayed in the villa longer?

Tiffany: My journey was quite quick and it would have been nice to stay a bit longer. But I was honest and true to myself, so I don’t regret doing that because I don’t think it’s very nice to stay with someone just to stay in.

Tiffany Leighton and Ronnie Vint in Love Island villa
Tiffany felt there was something missing with Ronnie Vint -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Harriett ran straight back to Ronnie when you were dumped. How did you feel?

Tiffany: I found out on [spin-off how] Aftersun. I was so shocked. To be fair, I was shocked at the time, but she did really like him, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise. It didn’t take long, did it? I was gone for two seconds. But it is what it is and they seem happy.

How did you feel when you saw they were dumped?

Tiffany: I thought they were going to make it to the final. They were both really big characters in there, so I was shocked.

Let’s talk about viral moments. Omar, you have gone viral after a picture of you circulated on a private jet!

Omar: I mean, I went away for the day with some of my boys, had some fun, and came back. Life is for living. I just went with one of my friends.

Stormzy and Maya Jama
Omar hailed Love Island presenter Maya Jama and boyfriend Stormzy as a "power couple" -Credit:Instagram/mayajama

And you’re best mates with rapper Stormzy! No wonder you ended up on a private jet…

Omar: Yeah, I have known Stormzy for years. He’s always been like a big brother to me and a role model. We’ve got a good relationship.

What are Maya Jama and Stormzy like as a couple? Are they as loved-up as they seem?

Omar: Yes, 100%. They are madly in love. That’s his other half; that’s her other half. They are a power couple.

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