Love Island's Millie Court reveals clever trick to avoid bikini shaving rash in villa

Millie Court reveals her secret to avoid bikini rash while she was in Love Island villa
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Love Island winner Millie Court has spilled the beans on how she managed to avoid bikini shaving rash while living in the villa. During a recent TikTok Q&A for Grazia's 10 Hot Questions, the 27-year-old beauty shared her secret method to keeping her skin soft and rash-free.

She also discussed her villa makeup routine, revealing she took in her entire makeup bag so she had her favourite tried-and-tested products to hand at all times.

"So, I took my whole make-up bag- obviously! And my favourite products that I bought with me were the Two Faced Born This Way Foundation, NARS Creamy Concealer, with NARS blush, MAC bronzer and then my lip," she shared. "My staple lip was the MAC lip liner in Spice, Fenty Gloss Bomb and finished it off with Urban Decay All Nighter."

When asked about her hair removal routine on the ITV2 show, she revealed: "Do you know what? I have a little trick that I use when I shave to get a very nice, clean bikini line - no shaving rash."

She explained that she would wash, then shave with warm water, but there was more to it.

Millie continued: "Put on - I use conditioner, so I was using Boots conditioner (in the villa)- put that down there...And then as soon as you've shaved, run over with cold water so that your pores close... at the end of the shower."

The reality star then added: "Then the trick is to put on aloe vera. So I had a big tub of aloe vera and told all the girls about it. You put it on, and it's just like a cooling, soothing product, and didn't have any bikini rash! So that's my little tip for you guys.", reports the Mirror.

Millie Court and LIam Reardon
Millie Court and LIam Reardon

While on the show, Millie found love with Liam Reardon. However, their relationship didn't last long after leaving the villa, and they split in July 2022.

But by August the following year, they confirmed they were back together, and have gone from strength to strength. The former Islander spoke to OK! recently about their plans to move in together and why she's embracing rural life in Wales.

SHe also spilled the beans on when they plan to get engaged, saying there was something they needed to tick off their to-do list first.

"We need to get a house together before we get engaged," she said. "It’s a discussion we’re having at the moment and I think it’s leaning more towards me moving into Cardiff with Liam. I don’t know yet, but he’s done Essex already so I think it’s only right that it’s my turn to move to Wales."