Love Island viewers convinced about 'feud' in the villa brewing between two boys

Love Island fans are sure there’s a storm brewing between Sean Stone and Ronnie Vint as they spot hints of tension.

In tonight's episode (Thursday 20 June), Sean Stone chatted with bombshell Matilda Draper and admitted Ronnie is his ‘problem’. It’s part of the game to fight for the person you like, but poor Sean has had a tough time thanks to Ronnie. Sean lost Harriet Blackmore to Ronnie, then Sean attempted to catch Jess White’s attention - but she was still caught up on Ronnie too.

Then Sean attempted to get to know Tiffany Leighton, and fans thought she might pick him in the recoupling. But she picked Ronnie instead.

Now, Sean is hoping to get to know Matilda - but it could be tough as she and Ronnie already have history.

Sean Love island
Sean has made a couple of sly digs towards Ronnie -Credit:ITV

In another moment in the previous episode, fans picked up on the moment where Ronnie had a private conversation with one of the girls and Sean was quick to make jokes about him to the other guys.

Ayo Odukoya and Ciaran Davies were left in fits of laughter as Sean, who hails from Hertfordshire, imitated Ronnie’s accent.

One viewer joked: "Sean is president of the Ronnie Hater Club I love it." Another added: "Sean hates Ronnie and he is justified!"

A third chimed in: "Lol Sean really hates Ronnie. All these snide comments are jokes. He clocked him!"

Ronnie Vint
Ronnie has been taking every girl Sean has showed interst in -Credit:ITV

It’s safe to say now that Ronnie had ended his love triangle with Jess, Harriet and Tiffany by focussing his attention on Tiff - it’s safe to say fans are hoping Sean now has a chance of securing a steady couple with Matilda.

One viewer remarked: “At last a bombshell with a personality. I really hope Matilda really does like Sean”.

Another said: “I’m absolutely chuffed for Sean, hopefully Matilda will stick with him! He deserves some happiness in the villa.”

Later in tonight's episode, the Islanders played a game of ‘suck and blow’ which saw the cast pass dare cards along the line using only their mouths. The person who dropped the card had to do the dare.

Love Island
Harriett predicts Tiffany and Ronnie won't last -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Tiffany picked a dare card and read: “Other than your partner snog the Islander you fancy the most”, with Sean being chosen as the lucky boy.

However, it was Harriett who serves some home truths when she is dared to “give a high-five to the couple you don't think will last outside of the Villa”. Casting her prediction, she picked Ronnie and Tiffany.