Love Island star Shaughna Phillips celebrates surgery success with stunning new snaps

Former Love Island star Shaughna Phillips has taken to her Instagram to show off the results of her lipoedema removal surgery in 2020, after her stint in the Love Island villa.

Although she had the surgery four years ago, the star is ‘celebrating’ being able to see her calf muscle again after an impressive three stone weight loss.

“THIS ONE’S FOR MY LIPOEDEMA GIRLS,” she wrote alongside a video of herself showing off her stunning figure, and legs in a skin tight flowery dress and clear heels. “It’s no secret that thanks to my little stint in Love Island, I had some lovely ladies messaged my account (as well as many many many many MANY trolls) about my legs, and to let me know they think I have a condition called lipoedema,” the mum of one continued.

“I knew my legs were different my whole entire life, they were my biggest insecurity, so to actually have a name for the condition was music to my ears in a strange way. To find out that it wasn’t something in my control, really did alot for my own mental battle with the condition.

Shaughna Phillips wearing dress
The former Love Island star took to Instagram to show off her calf muscles -Credit:Instagram/shaughnaphillips

Shaughna then went on to reveal she had the surgery after she appeared on the first Winter series of Love Island. She called it ‘the best decision she ever made’.

“But I was aware that any drastic hormonal changes could trigger a flare up, and I was terrified of going back to square one,” she continued in the lengthy caption.

Recently, the former Love Island star has lost three stone, claiming she can now ‘see her calf muscles’ again. “After surgery was the first time in my life I had ever seen my calf muscle, fast forward to pregnancy, a 5 stone weight gain and now a 3 stone weight loss, I can actually see them again,” she wrote, as she joked: “You can see the moment in this video where I clocked them.”

The confident mother then concluded her post: “Yes I have cellulite, yes I have loose skin, yes I’ll always have lipoedema, but they’re my legs. I don’t care if you hate them, they hate you too.”

Fans have since flooded the comments with compliments, with some even thanking her for helping them realise they had the same condition.

“I wouldn’t have know about this condition without you being on love island! I’ve now had 4 lipoedema surgeries and have much reduced pain and better looking legs. I don’t feel like crying when I wear shorts or dresses anymore,” commented one grateful fan.

Another said: “Forever grateful for you!! I had my lipoedema removal surgery April ‘22 with Dr Wolf after you posting and it is the best thing I’ve ever done after years of not knowing why my legs were bigger than everyone else’s!”

Shaughna Phillips in t shirt
Shaughna had the surgery in 2020 after appearing on Love Island

Shaughna was coupled up with Callum Jones in the 2020 Love Island series, until he returned back from Casa Amor with Molly Smith. The pair continued to date until 2023. However, their story wasn’t over as they appeared on All Stars in Summer 2024. Although fans were hoping for a reconciliation, Molly and Callum both moved on, and Molly is still dating Tom Clare, after winning the show.

Two years after Love Island, in October 2022, Shaughna announced she was expecting her first baby.

Sharing the happy arrival on Instagram in April 2023, she wrote: "My darling Lucia, I wish I had you sooner so I could love you longer. 04/04/23. 8lb 8oz. 8:10pm."