Love Island hit out at ''disrespectful' boy after 'brutal' Casa Amor move

Love Island viewers were left appalled, calling out one contestant for their "rude" antics during a heated Casa Amor episode.

Drama unfolded on ITV2's hottest reality fix as tensions soared in Casa Amor. With both Blade and Moziah vying for Grace's affections, the atmosphere intensified when Blade boldly interrupted a cosy chat between Moziah and Grace sparking anger from Moziah and stirring up trouble.

In tonight's jam-packed show, just as Moziah was deep into his conversation with Grace, Blade swooped in to whisk her away, causing quite a stir and setting the stage for a fiery confrontation between the two lads.

Moziah didn't hold back as he later confronted Blade, asserting, "You obviously know how I feel about Grace. Do you think that doing that at that moment was even the right dish thing to do at any level bro? " Blade wasn't budging, hitting back with, "Am I just meant to sit here and just watch you chat to her all night? "

Grace herself was tangled in emotions, confessing her confusion to the other girls: "I feel a bit confused, because I have one conversation with one and I walk away and I think him, deffo him, then I'll have another conversation with another and I'll think no deffo him... I've not made a decision," despite their advice to share a smooch with Moziah, reports the Mirror.

Later, leading Moziah to the bedroom, she laid it out: "I feel like romantically, me and him [Blade] have had a kiss, where me and you haven't, I think that would maybe be the deciding thing," leaving an envious Blaze to speculate with the others, "What do you think is going on there bro? He's just taken her to the bedroom. That's a bit mad."

Moziah confronted Blade on his antics
Fans shared thei thoughts online -Credit:ITV

Fans were absolutely seething after Blade's antics earlier on - they didn't hold back, labelling him as "rude" and "messy".

One viewer tweeted: "Blade is gonna scare Grace away she can't even talk to moziah without him pulling her for a chat #loveisland," while another chimed in with: "Blade is so rude and messy, I don't like him #loveisland."

Another fan expressed frustration, commenting: "Why would blade just go get grace when she was having a chat with moziah? ? This blade guy is rude #loveisland."

Fans shared thei thoughts online
Fans shared thei thoughts online

Someone else blasted: "BRUTALLLL WTF Grace that's so rude she didn't even say anything #loveIsland she prefers Blade fr. Love for Moziah," and another fan remarked: "Blade actually thinks this is making him come across as he really likes grace but you just seem like a d***head #Loveisland."

Meanwhile, one person pointed out: "blade is rude af and grace too for just following him #loveisland."

A different fan stated: "ngl that wouldve put me off blade #LoveIsland," and yet another added: "Sorry but the way Blade interrupted Moziah and Grace's chat was very rude. He's a grown man, he could've waited until they were done. Like? ? ? #LoveIsland."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm