Love Island fans take to Google after star uses baffling word in savage swipe at ex

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Love Island fans had a new word to Google after tonight’s dramatic recoupling took place in the villa, even leaving host Maya Jama emotional.

After Trey Norman used the word ‘embryonic’ to justify his recoupling and to describe his relationship with Jess White, fans were confused as to what the word meant, but also praised him in the same breath.

Trey started off his speech with: “I’m a man that say what I mean and mean what I say. So I stand on with my decision for now. Like I said, it was very embryonic between me and Jess.”

When he uttered the word, even Maya was left shocked. “Embryonic. Different. Not had that at a recoupling before,” she said leaving the villa in hysterics.

Ellie and Trey
Trey recoupled with Ellie -Credit:ITV

Fans were quick to show their interest in the word too as they took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their views.

One fan said: “Learned a new word while watching #loveIsland embryonic . Interesting word choice,” while another chimed: “Did anyone else google the definition of EMBRYONIC #loveIsland,” as a third said: I have no thoughts about Trey but I love the fact that he used the word “ embryonic ” lol I’m a sucker for a good vocabulary ngl #LoveIsland.

A fourth said: “Half of England going on google to search what embryonic means #LoveIsland .”

Jess and Hugo
Jess recoupled with Hugo -Credit:ITV

For those that don't know, embryonic is a word used to describe something that is in a rudimentary stage with potential for development.

Tonight’s emotional and fiery recoupling saw the main villa boys and girls choose if they want to recouple with someone from Casa Amor or stick with their original couples.

The episode also saw Matilda June Draper and Diamante Laiva locked horns in a fiery showdown. Matilda, who came back from Casa Amor solo, was thrilled to see her partner Sean Stone standing alone. However, the temperature soared when bombshell Diamante, who had grown close to Sean, began to speak out, leaving viewers gobsmacked.

Things heated up during Love Island's recoupling
Things heated up during Sean's recoupling with Matilda -Credit:ITV
Diamante stood her ground
Diamante stood her ground against Matilda and Sean -Credit:ITV

In response to Diamante's remark, Matilda retorted: "Well you're not sat here babe." But Diamante fired back, saying: "No you can have him, because he's just going to do the same to you." Matilda then shot back: "Cool, cool, cool, well I'm sat here."

Ayo Odunkoya also made a decision that shocked the whole villa as he found himself choosing Casa Amor girl Jessica leaving Mimii Ngulube single and vulnerable as she entered the villa.

Mimii was left single -Credit:ITV

Upon her return and seeing Ayo with another girl, Mimii was forced to stand alone. When Maya asked her if she had anything to say, she replied: “I don’t know what to say. It is what it is, isn’t it. It is what it is. Of course I was loyal. All the girls knew how hard it was for me in there but I needed this anyway for myself.”