Love Island chaos as Matilda comes to blows with Casa Amor bombshell in heated row

Love Island's latest recoupling sent shockwaves through the villa as Matilda and Diamante locked horns in a fiery showdown.

Thursday's episode had fans on tenterhooks as they waited to see if the original islanders would stay loyal to their partners or switch things up with a new bombshell from Casa Amor.

With Maya Jama back in the villa to reveal all, the girls returned from the notorious Casa Amor villa to discover whether their men had stayed faithful.

Matilda, who came back from Casa Amor solo, was thrilled to see her partner Sean standing alone. However, the temperature soared when bombshell Diamante, who had grown close to Sean, began to speak out, leaving viewers gobsmacked.

Things heated up during Love Island's recoupling
Love Island's Matilda locked horns with Diamante when she returned to the villa -Credit:ITV

She told host Maya Jama: "It's a bit weird when you can call someone your priority and this is how you treat your priorities. But it's fine. It's absolutely fine."

In response to Diamante's remark, Matilda retorted: "Well you're not sat here babe.", reports the Mirror. But Diamante fired back, saying: "No you can have him, because he's just going to do the same to you." Matilda then shot back: "Cool, cool, cool, well I'm sat here."

Sean then tried to justify his actions by saying that he made it clear he would only change partners if he found something special. Despite Sean's attempts to smooth things over, Diamante stuck to her guns and declared: "You didn't make anything clear. But it's fine."

However, as Diamante held her own, Ruby also had something to say. Ruby was also trying to get closer to Sean in the villa and expressed that Sean made the decision he did.

But Matilda wasn't having any of it and seemed to snap back at her too. As viewers watched the tense exchange unfold on screen, they quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on the islanders and the bombshells.

One Twitter user commented: "I'm literally itching to dump sean and Matilda they should never have played in Diamante's face like that."

Another fan chimed in with: "Diamante quickly turned into a south London babe when Matilda said she wasn't special enough to sit next to Sean."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm