Love Is Blind star Raven Ross opens up about next ‘chapter’ after SK Alagbada breakup

Love Is Blind star Raven Ross opens up about next ‘chapter’ after SK Alagbada breakup

Love Is Blind star Raven Ross has shared that she’s ready for a new “chapter” following her split from SK Alagbada.

The pilates instructor revealed where she stands with Alagbada during an Amazon Live broadcast on Monday. The pair announced their breakup in November after multiple women came forward on social media to accuse the data engineer of being unfaithful to Ross.

The breakup was particularly notable because the duo got engaged for the second time during the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special. They previously failed to make it down the aisle during the third season of the show. At the end of the special, which premiered in February, Ross tearfully confirmed that Alagbada had cheated on her.

During the Amazon Live, a fan asked Ross if she’s stayed in touch with her ex -- seemingly referring to Alagbada.

“Not Voldemort,” she said, referring to the antagonist in the Harry Potter series, per People. “No, I’m just kidding. Not recently at all, because we’re moving on, right? Chapter 2. So who needs it?”

Ross first revealed that she was back in the dating scene last month and has a new romance in her life.

“I’ve gone on quite a few dates [since SK],” she said, during an interview with People. “Actually, the guy that I’m dating now sent me a message on Instagram. It’s relatively new. But it’s going well, so knock on wood.”

She shared that while her new beau didn’t “really see or follow” the social media drama surrounding her and Alagbada, she still had “to have lots of hard conversations” with him.

“I think he had seen the show,” she said. “I’ve definitely had to explain a lot of things, and that’s not easy. That’s super awkward. But it’s only brought us closer together so far, so it’s going really well. We’ll see.”

Ross later revealed during her Amazon Live that she’s not necessarily ready to showcase her new love interest on social media.

“Eventually, down the line,” she explained, when a fan asked her to share details about her partner. “We’re figuring it out. He is such a great human, and I’m literally so obsessed. So I really want to share that with you guys, and I’m excited about it, but we’ve just got to give it a little more time.”

She added that she’s currently in her “privacy-girl era,” before saying that “when the time comes, it’s on, and we’re going to do it.”

In an interview with E! News in February, Ross also offered some insightful knowledge and advice about dating again after a breakup.

“For people who are going through a similar situation, my biggest takeaway was: never ignore your gut feelings and speak up,” she said. “I was someone who never wanted to have hard conversations, and that hasn’t served me. So, it’s hard to do it in the moment but you will have so many more answers.”

Alagbada talked publicly about the cheating allegations waged against him earlier this month during an interview with People. He explained that while he wouldn’t “go back and forth about who did what” or go on “an apology tour,” he still wanted to apologise to Ross.

“It’s really about me owning my actions and taking responsibilities and also just taking the things I’ve learned from this experience, and I’ll continue to learn and grow as a person,” he said. “I do want to deeply express my sincere apology to Raven for the hurt and embarrassment that I caused her. I’m not proud of how I conducted myself. I conducted myself in a way that’s making me take a step back and reflect.”