Louise Thompson reunites with Made in Chelsea stars as they tease new joint project

Louise Thompson has sparked a frenzy among fans after sharing a cosy snap with fellow Made In Chelsea alumni Binky Felstead and Rosie Fortescue, hinting at an exciting new venture. The 34-year-old reality TV darling and mother of one took to Instagram to post the adorable garden get-together pic.

With a cryptic "Watch this space" caption accompanied by an eye emoji and a pink heart, Louise has left fans speculating wildly about what the trio could be up to five years on from their MIC days.

The speculation is rife, with social media buzzing over the potential of a travel show featuring the 'Chelsea mums'. One excited follower commented: "Chelsea mums! ! Ooooo new reality TV!!!"

Meanwhile, Louise has been busy celebrating other successes, including the launch of her book 'Lucky', proving that there's no slowing down for this petite powerhouse.

One fan gushed: "Ahhh the OG's! ! ! New spin off show? Pleeease."

Another chimed in with: "Podcast?"

This comes after Louise made headlines three years ago as her health took a dark turn following the birth of her adorable son Leo, which she heartbreakingly confessed that 'childbirth destroyed everything good in my life.'

In what should have been one of the happiest moments of her life, Louise was left terrified she was going to die after she gave birth, as she lost three-and-a-half litres of blood, over three hours.

In a candid interview with YOU magazine: "I heard a cry as Leo came out, but I didn't care that I had a child. I genuinely believed every second I was bleeding to death. I kept turning to [my fiance] Ryan [Libbey] and asking him whether I was still alive I didn't believe I could be."

Adding to her distress, Louise noticed that the doctors and nurses looked worried, which understandably increased her panic. Doctors informed her that her womb had torn which caused the major haemorrhage.

The amount of blood Louise lost was equivalent to three quarters of one person's body.

Louise gave birth to baby Leo in 2021
Louise gave birth to baby Leo in 2021

She went on to say: "No one gave us any reassurance; it was all like some sick nightmare. Everyone in the room looked very distressed, I could feel their shaky hands on my body. If they'd allowed me to have a planned c-section, things could have been very different."

She confessed: "I didn't care if I died. I just wanted someone else to kill me because I didn't have the confidence to do it myself."

Louise remembered being in a state of "perpetual fear and hyper-vigilance," unable to function. For a long period, she found herself "sitting on the sofa, completely losing my soul, my personality."