Louise Thompson on regaining her identity as a new mum: 'Slowly coming back to me'

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 Louise Thompson attends Celia B's SS22 collection lunch at Los Mochis on April 28, 2022 in London, England
Louise Thompson gave birth to her son Leo-Hunter in November 2021. (Getty Images)

Louise Thompson has opened up about regaining her own identity after becoming a mum.

The star, 32, who gave birth to her son Leo-Hunter in November 2021, revealed she is "slowly coming back to me".

In a post on Instagram, the mother-of-one shared a series of photos of herself taken on Mother's Day, wearing a colourful ensemble and tending to a vase of flowers.

She captioned the post: "Being more me. Thinking more me. Dressing more me. Eating more me. Moving more me. Communicating more me. Sleeping more me. Loving more me.

"Slowly coming back to me. Phew. I lost my identity for a bit. Actually I lost my identity for a lot."

Thompson, who shares her son with partner Ryan Libbey, went on to reference the health complications she experienced since giving birth to him.

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The star, who was recently diagnosed with lupus, has previously been open about how she has struggled with PTSD during the traumatic labour that meant she was in hospital for several weeks after the delivery.

She continued: "For so long I wanted to be more like other people. Now all I want is to be myself. My happy old self. Or a happy and improved, stronger, more resilient self. I believe I will get there."

Thompson added: "It might take time. Recovery isn’t linear. It will teach you not to sweat the small stuff. But be patient. Good things are just around the bend."

Her post has received more than 9,000 'likes', with over a hundred fans leaving encouraging comments.

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One person wrote: "Bloody love reading your posts so real and raw and honest."

Another shared: "Well done for hanging on in there. That takes real strength and courage."

For support and information on perinatal mental health visit Mind.org.uk.

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